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by Zure Australia September 15, 2021 4 min read

Small things can make a big difference: take a rug for instance, unassuming, laid back and seemingly so humble yet indispensable. For a room to come alive, you’ll probably need a rug. It has the decorative prowess to bring a room together effortlessly, breathe the much needed warmth lighting up the most sterile corners and enhance spaces in ways you cannot imagine. There’s a rug for every décor theme: be it Victorian or Scandinavian. 

Choosing a rug for your safe haven can be a little daunting – from cowhide rugs to runner rugs there are so many to choose from! Tricky, sure, but it’s also so much more than an afterthought. But we are here to help! 

Here are a few things to consider before investing in your dream rug:

Location of where the rug will be installed

When it comes to living rooms, less is not more. Because a smaller rug will make a room appear even smaller and cluttered whereas larger ones will make it appear more spacious. Keep the centre as your principle point of reference for the living room- you can place the rug under your coffee table or the ottoman while ensuring that all legs are on board! Meaning, the front limbs of your armchair should be on the rug so that the furniture pieces frame the area. 


seaside green outdoor rug


When it comes to your bedroom,you canstick to one, two or more. Keep in mind that if you go for multiple patterned ones there’s a bit of hoo ha. You can instead let your rug(s) seamlessly disappear under the bed. If you’re keen on spending a lot more time outside this season, you must add some comfort beneath your feet be it on your porch, deck or patio. For outdoor setups, opt for something as impenetrable as polypropylene rugs that come in stripes or patterns. Outdoor rugs that can withstand the rigors of the natural environment will help you take leisure-time activities onto sprawling lawns or your patio. Kitchen rugs have also picked up a bit of a reputation with Persian inspired runners making the space much more inviting.


Size matters

A rug that’s way too small or way too big can throw off the proportions of the space. Hence it’s nicer to work around a space’s obstructions before choosing a rug. Go for a size that either leaves some room for people to pass by (80x300) or covers the walkway in totality (160 x 160). We believe since it’s literally under your feet it’s always nice to have more coziness underfoot! Always take your room layout into consideration- a rug should ideally fill the space solidly. Consider how your furniture is laid out and the bare edges of the floor you want exposed to determine the correct rug size.


From natural fibres like wool to plant based ones like cotton and jute, rugs come in myriads of material types with each bringing something new to the table (or the floor)! While they range widely in price, they also differ in terms of how well they can withstand wear and tear or how low/high maintenance they are. Synthetic ones like polyester and poly-propylene are durable and inexpensive. Plant based materials offer neat, clean aesthetics and a casual, easy look.


While Jute rugsare resistant and environment friendly, cotton rugs age fairly quickly. One of the highly sought after materials is wool-wool rugs are not only eclectic but also durable. The material is stain resistant, comes in multitudes of looks- hand knotted shaggy rugs to thin weaves and feels like a dream underfoot!


Patterned or Plain?

A slightly eccentric, quirky (tribal prints) and boldly patterned rug (you know the ones that are birthed to make a statement) can be the ultimate defining feature of a space. But also since it’s compelling and can literally make or break your aesthetics, this choice is a bit of a gamble. If you want to keep it simple, laid back and rather zen, you can always say yes to pattern at a smaller scale that make for great outdoor rugs. Patterns, rustic aesthetics or solids? Machine made rugs or hand woven rugs? It all depends on your overall design vision and of course your personal preferences. If you’re too keen on adding dimension, you can always layer it on. Add a solid ground color in your living room however because the complementary hues with these are endless. You can contrast patterns and textures because it’s sure to be a great conversation starter!


round jute rug

You can go for dainty traditional rugs – the glorious saga of squares and rectangles. You can likewise go for more expressive, contemporary rugs that perfectly suit your personality and style in an array of unorthodox forms that feel like bona fide art pieces? You can create abstractions that emphasize details, feel warm, familiar yet something out of the box. Surprising, irregular, and geometric rugs often achieve a visual texture for nuances that enliven our interior spaces in a way that’s chic and exquisite. They are ideal for a rustic, Bohemian look. A rectangular shape works best in an office setup or even in the dining space. You might want round rugs for a Minimal family room where it can be used as additional seating space as well. 

Seems like a lot? Well it is worth it. We hope our guide made the process a little less challenging. Rugs that combine functionality with aesthetics are the ones you’re looking for. Finding the sweet spot is key. But with them one thing’s for certain- possibilities are endless. Besides, you’ll probably be spending some time forging memories on it so might as well make it one you really love.  

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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