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by Zure Australia September 10, 2021 3 min read

For reasons known to all, the past year was nothing short of dramatic. With more members in a family spending more time at home, the design industry has witnessed some long-term changes in how one decorates their home to imbibe both comfort with style. Thus, home décor trends of 2021 have witnessed a big focus on comfort, functionality along with minimalism. Design focus is kept on statement pieces which serve both visual and utilitarian needs. 

As our calendars are now preparing to switch to 2022, it gives many of us hope for greater clarity on how we’d like to live at home. 

Here are Zure’s pick on the Top-5 Current Home Interior Design Trends and how you can incorporate these in your home: 

  1. Butler Kitchen Sinks:

Also known as farmhouse sinks, the often-large size of butler sinks provides high utility and functionality, which when combined with their rustic design makes them the centre of attraction in every kitchen. More and more interior stylists today are designing a whole kitchen around a Butler Sink that they have chosen and there in no doubt that these sinks are slowly becoming a kitchen essential for every Australian home.

Our Boston Butler Sink at Zure is an ideal fit for every kitchen. This white ceramic sink is available in double bowl (BOSTON BUTLER KITCHEN SINK 845X455mm) and single bowl (BOSTON BUTLER KITCHEN SINK 765X455mm) options. It also comes with 2 reversible facings – a Vertical Rib Face and a Pencil Line Face allowing you to design your kitchen on your own terms. 

  1. Cow Hide Rugs:

Made from the unbleached skin of a cow, a cowhide rug is a great way to bring the outside in, helping add that ‘Country Cabin’ appeal to your modern home - be it in the bedroom, living room or dining room.

Moreover, the cow hide can be used in more ways than one making it a versatile purchase. Cowhides can make a bedroom pop by adding it to the wall on top of your headboard; On the ceiling hung as a medallion for a chandelier; On the wall with some added accessories (including a backdrop for a painting, mirror, or animal horns).

Zure offers a wide range of black & white, beige & white and brown & white cow hide rugs. Or check out some of our interesting tiger and zebra print cow hide rugs if you’re feeling extra wild!

  1. Striking Table and Floor Lamps:

When designing a compact and functional home, it’s imperative that every element added to a room’s design scheme serves a purpose. And there’s nothing like a decorative floor and table lamps that can pull the double duty of aesthetics and lighting.

Bold, striking structural lamps act as both - a light source and a work of art irrespective of where they are placed inside a home. These structural lights are ideal for those who are cramped for space. They're essentially functional art!

Check out the JOSEFINE TABLE METAL MATTE BLACK BRASS lamp for instance - its stringent tube contributes to an industrial look, which complements a rough and modern decor, illuminating the room in the finest manner. Or the Nexu LED Floor Lamp which when is used as a decorative light in a corner & comes with a wireless remote control that helps you change the colour, effects and brightness settings as per you mood.

  1. Shaving Cabinets with LED Light Strips

A very common lighting mistake in bathrooms is that it’s often overdone. However, more often than not, the confined spaces in the bathrooms does not need feature lighting in every possible spot. Here the less is more philosophy works best. And what better than having an LED Light Strip installed on your Mirror Shaving Cabinet - lighting up the exact spots you need.

The MEDINA LED SHAVING CABINET 800MM WHITE – is the perfect specimen! A semi-circle-shaped LED Light Strip installed on the mirror of the shaving cabinet is perfect for compact sized bathrooms. Also, its 6000k LED Light Strip gives just the right amount of lighting to style a perfect beard or a smoky eye look.


  1. Double Vanities

When it comes to sharing bathrooms, double vanities not only provide the much-needed space, but also provide immense utility due to its ability to install double-sinks. As a result, family members have ample space and segregation to keep all their essentials, and they also save time, especially in the mornings! Moreover, Double Vanities bring a hotel or spa-like feeling into your home, due to their large sizes and design appeal.  

Zure’s Byron, Noosa, Boston and Marlo Wall-Hung 1500mm Double Vanities are some of the best-sellers across Australia for precisely these reasons.


Which of these 5 home décor trends you are planning to incorporate to reinvent and refresh in your home?

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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