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by Zure Australia September 18, 2021 4 min read

What goes best with your décor’s fab personality? Fab lights. Feel like your room needs a stylish design element that can bring drama and interest to the space in a way furniture cannot? Floor lights are the unsung heroes of lighting schemes effortlessly offering the much needed illumination to the space without strenuous and time intensive installation hassle.There’s more to a floorlamp than just functionality. They can emerge to be a design focal point and enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. Be it direct task lighting or widespread ambient lighting, they are supremely eclectic and versatile when it comes to lighting up not just corners but your mood.

LED Floor lamp

The best part is that they come in handy in those intermediary periods when you fancy a bit of a change but aren’t willing to invest overhauling your entire scheme. A real game changer in this regard are LED floor lights- chic, sleek and highly decorative they’re ideal to meet all your lighting needs; low power consumption, energy efficient with greater light output they are the next must haves for your home. 

Low energy consumption

Efficient not only for utilitarian purposes, LED lights are also good life choices because of their energy efficient operation. Fun fact: If one were to replace all the lighting in their school, office and elsewhere with LED lights, they’d see as much as a staggering 70% improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the space. These are directly proportional to financial savings. When you’re fixing or replacing a conventional light source with a LED floor lamp, you’ll see your energy usage plummeting severely making them a smarter choice and investment. 

Sustainability is the new trend

Modern living has put way too much pressure on the earth’s resources; so much so that climate change has evolved to be a menacing source of concern. For socially conscious consumers like yourself, LED floor lights help you pursue your ideal décor vision in a manner that’s environment friendly and sustainable in the long run. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they do not contain mercury which is a highly toxic gas. Additionally, they do not produce blue waves and can be recycled easily too. Since a floor lamp is a specifically targeted lamp, it’s a good way to minimize excessive overhead lighting. 


Floor lamp with myriads of hues

Often, LED floor lightscome with tripod bases that make the lamp sturdy and durable. They boast a robust and strong build with fixtures that are dust-resistant. If they’re made of acrylic which offers great longevity and is light, the initial investment you make will last you a lifetime even in less than ideal situations.They allow you to control light intensity easily without having to worry about the longevity of the floor lamp in anyway because this is glorious, flexible lighting that’ll last for years and not get boring! Now isn’t that quite a bargain?

Flexible aesthetics

If you’re done with dull lighting schemes, you can brighten up your home or the cosiest corners with LED floor lights that’ll turn any space into a visual delight! RGB lights for instance add a sculptural element to the space besides adding an instant warmth so they are pleasing and beautiful to look at even when they’re not in use. Feel like snuggling up with a book and a cuppa at the end of a long day? Or are you throwing a house party where you want to give your friends something interesting to talk about?

LED floor lamp with remote control

RGB lights that are flexible and adaptable suit any and every mood while bringing in a refreshing, delightful perspective to your space. How? Because they come with a remote control that enables you to control the light’s colour and brightness as you please! They can work as directional lighting, task lighting or ambient lighting. All you have to do is make the room feel more inviting as per your needs with just a click!

Uniform illumination

LED lights that are crafted to lead the race on all fronts offer bright and uniform illumination that’s steady, cosy and extremely comforting. There’s no room for flickering because light is distributed equally. Floor lights that come with diffusers are capable of emitting uniform, wide light distribution across spaces be it vertical or horizontal surfaces. When they are placed in key positions they accent a corner and add a pop of color/light to your reading area. This helps tie a room together, add scale and bring in an element of refined earthiness to your space. 


Is there a better way to add layered lighting in your room? With a plethora of benefits and a myriad of functionalities, LED floor lights are practical, versatile and can accomplish something that nothing else can. It’s time to see these visual treats for what they truly are: an indispensable weapon in the interior décor’s armoury. A floor lamp that’ll enable you to forge everlasting memories is a simple, cost-effective way to introduce enhanced novelty into your décor seamlessly. They add elegance and height while utilising a minimum of floor space. Don’t take it from us! Try it yourself. You’d be surprised at what LED lights can do to your room and your life. 

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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