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by Zure Australia September 30, 2021 4 min read

Whether you are building a new bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing one, when it comes to the remodelling process customising your bathroom vanity according to your needs and expectations is crucial. It is one of those major purchases from which there’s no going back so you might want to get it right the first time. It may not be the most exciting part, sure, but it will impact your bathroom design greatly. If your bathroom vanity uses mismatched or poor materials, is placed awkwardly in a high-traffic route, doesn’t have enough storage or worse, all of the above, your bathroom will inevitably suffer. 

 Marlo wall hung vanity

If you want to get the professional scoop on how to customise your bathroom vanity, read on because we have put together a comprehensive checklist!



Bathroom vanities are more often than not placed in humid, busy and wet environments. The material that you select should ideally be able to withstand the vagaries of such an environment. The material determines its lifespan and durability. Laminates, oakand wood veneers tend to work remarkably well in bathrooms. Plywood/Polyurethane tend to be high moisture resistant and hence is not susceptible to water damage. It offers great strength and can help achieve a luxurious finish. Look for an equally durable vanity top with anything hard-to-clean grout featuring last on your wish list. It’s always easier to find a cabinet and tile to match your unique countertop than the other way round. 



Always consider how much storage you need and then decide if you’re looking for: a shaving cabinet or a bathroom mirror vanity. Hanging vanities with drawers offer ample storage because they tend to use the often-unused space around plumbing. If you’re stuck with a relatively small cabinet (600 mm or 750 mm) you can consider adding drawers that rest seamlessly on counters to get more storage without losing any of your floor space. If your bathroom vanity is going to be placed in a powder room you’d need a mirror cabinet. If you have a wide vanity (1200mm or 1500mm) especially with multiple sinks you can opt for multiple mirrors to exude a more vertical look while accentuating the height of the space. 


Basin and countertop

Begin first by measuring your space and then deciding on how your sink is going to be mounted. While drop in sinks rest casually over the edge of a pre-cut hold in a vanity and are easier to install, under-mount sinks or above counter basins are installed below the cutout in a vanity top. It maximises available counter space and unlike drop in sinks, there is no edge to define sink profile.


When it comes to a vessel sink, the insides and outsides have a unique bowl design and the sink itself sits on top of the vanity. It combines the traditional look of water basins with rather modern plumbing advancements and finish. 


Bathroom vanity countertops need to have a sturdy structure that’s resistant to chipping and is visually appealing. A vanity stone top is an essential with granite and marble being global favourites and quartz being a close third. All of them can effortlessly sport a chic finish with minimum maintenance woes and are capable of pepping up your bathroom’s style quotient too!


Wall hung or floor mounted?


A wall hung vanity has a streamlined, minimalistic design and hence it lends to a more contemporary style. Since they are devoid of legs or a base they tend to occupy less space; something that makes them an ideal fit for smaller bathrooms. A wall-hung vanity naturally does not offer the same cubic storage as floor mounted ones but some come with tactfully placed drawers and shelves. However, they are a little challenging to install because the wall must be framed and reinforced first. They also offer additional clearance space making it easier for everyone in the family to access them. If you're running low on time/budget, you can easily transform your wall hung cabinet into a floor mounted one in a jiffy by adding vanity legs. Not only is it cost effective and versatile but adds a refreshing play of texture.

Floor mounted cabinets can exude sleek, ornate and opulent aesthetics. Since they’re installed directly onto the bathroom floor they can feel more secure/solid. They come in multiple ranges of sizes and styles but are less mobility-friendly. 


Handles, faucets and pop-up wastes

Small things like faucets and hardware can completely alter your bathroom’s look. There are countless options for shapes, styles and colours and most people are keen on matching the cabinet handles, faucets and a pop up waste with the theme of the vanity. Naturally when the color schemes are aligned your fixtures will look cohesive. 


Even if they don’t match per se, focus on making each piece complement and agree with the rest of the decor scheme of the vanity. Black is a great color that you can consider adding to your fixtures because it contrasts incredibly with nickel, granite, stainless steel or copper. Pairing a shiny brass faucet with matte black handles in a bathroom vanity can exhibit a rustic charm to the space. 


You cannot undermine the benefits that come with customising your bathroom vanity to fit your style, space and individual needs. Not only is it the gateway to extra storage, it also revamps a space completely and allows for smoother morning routines. A custom designed vanity in the bathroom of your forever home is just what you need to get things rolling! 




Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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