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by Zure Australia September 24, 2021 4 min read

It takes little to overlook a mirror. When we look at one, we behold a reflection of everything else before we even notice the mirror itself. Shaving cabinets with mirror are almost indispensable to any bathroom, serving the greatest purposes of being a mirror, a practical storage unit and also an additional touch of elegance. There are many options to choose from- from Medina shaving cabinets to Noosa shaving cabinets. Nonetheless, the best ones take up little space while offering ample storage for toiletries.

Medina shaving cabinet

We have put together a checklist that will help you choose the perfect mirror shaving cabinet for your bathroom. Shaving cabinets with mirror after all make it a lot easier to handle daily grooming and let’s face it- everyone likes checking themselves out every once in a while, so might as well check yourself out in style!



To determine the shape of the shaving cabinet, you’ll have to consider a number of things: the layout of the bathroom, your decor and above all your expectations. Acircular mirage shaving cabinetoffers a plethora of storage space to store all your toiletries.

Mirage Shaving cabinet

It aims for a neat, minimalistic aesthetic to create a stunning contemporary ambience that bespeaks finesse and elegance.

Arched Shaving Cabinet

The arched Shaving Cabinet adds a touch of rustic charm that fits seamlessly into nuanced, modern needs. It is the perfect storage addition that offers great usage versatility too!



The size of your shaving cabinet must fit in seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom space. It’s not all about function but also proportion and the size of the room your cabinet sits in matters. You don’t want a gigantic mirror that’s taking away too much from the decor nor do you want an excessively small one that barely meets your storage needs. Before determining the size be sure to measure your space several times. You can opt for a 800mm mirror shaving cabinet if you are taking the negative space into consideration where you might want to install separate light fixtures or perhaps some art.

1200mm Byron mirror shaving cabinet

With regard to height, a mirror should ideally reach a foot above and below the eye line of the person using it. If you have a relatively larger bathroom you can choose a 1200mm cabinetbecause it will provide more viewing angles. If it’s only for the purpose of a powder room you can go for a 600mm shaving cabinet with lighting fixtures that’s modern and chic.



Regardless of the size and shape of mirror cabinets, proper lighting is an essential that you cannot neglect. If there’s lighting fixture over the mirror it might cast a shadow on your face. You’d want shaving cabinets with lights that illuminate your face appropriately for shaving, makeup or even for drying your hair. Determine how much light you actually need. Bathrooms without natural lighting like from a window may need something brighter. Some cabinets also come with LED light fixtures that last you a lifetime! So it’s good for you and great for the planet. A cabinet alone cannot provide enough overall light for the entirety of the space hence you can always layer it up. They are best used in conjunction with overhead or recessed lighting sources.


Who will be using it and what will they be using it for?

Consider the people who are going to use it and what for. For instance, if it’s for a couple who need to use it at the same time in the morning you may want a shaving cabinet that’s relatively larger. On the contrary if you are by yourself perhaps a mirage shaving cabinet would do the trick. If the person likes to take their time in front of the mirror to do their hair and makeup, you’ll naturally look for more storage and counter space to effortlessly accommodate supplies. 

By evaluating lifestyle you can determine the size and type of the bathroom mirror cabinet easily. Take inventory of what the person stores in their current cabinet. This might put into perspective how much you need to store and where it needs to be placed so that it’s in your reach. Extra cabinets that rest on counters or one with drawers are a great way to maximise storage space. 


Types of Cabinets

While recessed shaving cabinets look chic they might demand more work than you initially bargained for. On the contrary wall-mounted ones are way easier to install but tend to take up more space. 

A recessed cabinet ties into the surrounding architecture instead of jutting out and saves space. They sit remarkably well with both contemporary and traditional bathroom scenes. However installation can be labor intensive and expensive because you may have to reroute wires and pipes. 

recessed cabinet

Semi recessed shaving cabinets involve an installation process that’s way more complex because it needs a precision cut in the countertop to achieve the perfect mount. The fundamental benefit of a semi recessed sink is that the overall height with the vanity and sink in totality is less than a top mount. It’s useful for petite folks or people with vision irregularities. 

A wall mounted cabinet is easier to install but instead of being flush with the wall, it protrudes from it. Additionally, because of the sheer constraints of the cabinet design, choices may be limited too. However, when it comes to functionality and utilitarian benefits, wall mounted cabinets serve one greatly. 


Since a bathroom is a relatively smaller space, you would want to make the most of every nook and cranny. Your shaving cabinet can easily make or break the aesthetics of the entire space which means you want to get it right the first time. We hope we’ve helped you choose a bathroom shaving cabinet that checks everything off your list. Introduce an eclectic sensibility to Zure bathrooms with a statement shaving cabinet that adds a little personality and a lot of drama because why should you settle for anything less?

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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