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by Zure Australia October 06, 2021 4 min read

If you’re looking to build a brand new bathroom or renovating an existing one, it goes without saying that besides all the ceramic fittings, you’ll need to purchase a bathroom mirror for your bathroom vanity as well. It’s okay if you’re not interested in a complete overhaul but replacing just the mirror can also be a smart way of updating your decor. However, you must know that it’s not okay to replace the existing mirror with whichever option you like. Bathroom mirrors are not the same as regular mirrors both structurally and aesthetically. A regular mirror can’t hold up to the humid environment of a bathroom and it will cause the mirror’s backing to break down eventually. 


There’s so much more to bathroom mirrors than is evident initially. Read on to understand the difference between bathroom and regular mirrors and why the former is absolutely irreplaceable!


Are bathroom mirrors different to normal mirrors?


In simple words- yes they are. All bathroom furnishing items and fittings under federal laws must meet the specified safety standards. This of course includes everything from toilet seat and bathtubs to bathroom vanity, windows, cabinets, sinks and well…the mirror. 


What type of mirror is a bathroom mirror?

Conforming to federal regulations and safety laws, bathroom mirrors must be made from tempered or toughened glass. Why? Because it’s crafted exclusively keeping some safety considerations in mind. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass is subjected to multiple chemical procedures and treatments so that they fit the requirements and expectations seamlessly. Following this, they are molded into the desired shape in a temperature controlled environment. It comes in handy for preventing injuries because when struck with brute force it has a tendency to break into smoother, rounder and smaller pieces instead of sharply pointed ones. The principle point of distinction is that bathroom mirrors will not break on their own due to changes in pressure and temperature when you’re taking a hot shower. Neither are they prone to becoming greasy because they are designed to be anti-fog mirrors. 


How do I choose a bathroom mirror?

There are several factors you have to consider before choosing a bathroom mirror. 


The ideal size for a mirror varies from case to case or from bathroom to bathroom. The width for instance is determined by the width of the countertop of your bathroom vanity. It can be as wide as the countertop or 2 inches short. The larger the surface, the more light it reflects and the better the view. You also have to consider who’ll be using it and for what purpose. If it’s for a family you may want a large one (900mm). If you're going to be using it just for yourself perhaps you can go for a 600mm one that suits your style and preference. Some bathroom cabinets come with illuminated mirrors (750 mm) that make a statement and strike a great balance with regard to size. The height however is just a matter of personal preferences. 


Mirrors come in various shapes so there’s a lot of room to get creative with the one you choose. The most conventional option is a rectangular bathroom mirror whose style is similar to the rest of your decor. However you can also go for circular bathroom mirrors that aim for a minimal, sleek finish. They have an instant appeal and are visually pleasing thanks to the inherent softness of the design. You can also opt for an ornate mirror featuring distinctive shapes and over-the-top frame designs as a statement piece. 


While frameless mirrors exude a modern appeal, are chic and cost-effective, framed mirrors add to the aesthetics of an especially detailed and decorative space.


To achieve a perfect balance that will sit well with nearly any type of space, you can go for a mirror with a neat, simple frame in a textural material that isn’t too busy. They offer a n eclectic sensibility and a pleasingly finished look without appearing heavier than the vanity itself. 


Bathroom mirrors often feature light(s). Illuminated mirrors are not just about the aesthetics of the fixture but strategic and functional as well. They are bestowed with the grave responsibility of ensure that light does not bounce off reflective surfaces. An LED bathroom mirror is a popular choice because it is water/mold resistant thanks to its acrylic casings. 


Bathroom mirrors have to correlate with the style of the space. Pretty much every aspect of your existing or new bathroom will contribute to the overall style of the mirror you purchase- coolers, decor, hardware, textures and lighting. All these components come together to form a coherent whole and determine your own unique bathroom style like luxurious, bohemian, minimalistic, futuristic, Venetian inspired. Every bathroom mirror can be aligned to one or more styles.


Bathroom mirror v/s regular mirror

Bathroom mirror are different because of their structure, size and functionality.


Unlike regular mirrors, bathroom mirror are different in size to match the sink vanity. Since more often than not, bathroom sinks are square in size, the mirror stays in relative shape to the structure of the vanity. 


The bathroom mirror’s A1 task is pragmatic: It helps you fix your hair, brush your teeth and check out that beautiful face in the morning. It also adds dimension and depth to the room. Because it caters to myriads of needs, all functional, it is inherently different from a regular mirror. While choosing a bathroom mirror you have to keep the size in mind. Bathroom mirrors also stand up to the vagaries of a wet and humid environment in the sense that some are inherently anti-fog mirrors. Additionally, unlike regular mirrors bathroom mirrors often have in-built magnifying mirrors that help you groom yourself just the way you'd like and to perfection. 


Besides, bathroom mirrors often come with cabinets to offer additional storage. It gives you the flexibility to store things you may need in the morning and away from curious eyes of house guests. 



You must never forget that your bathroom isn’t like any other room of the house. It’s private and personal. The mirror that hangs in there must be equally unique. Above all it needs to be safe for everyone in the house. You cannot be hurt just because you chose a mirror that wasn’t right for the job. Lastly, we wish our guide helps you find your very own mirror-cle!

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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