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by Zure Australia June 29, 2022 4 min read

The perfect shaving cabinetfor you is one step away! Check out our collection of sleek shaving cabinets for a bathroom design that is more pristine and refined.


Finding a bathroom cabinet storage that fits all your needs is not just about having a cabinet with a large storage space, but saving time that you may be wasting because you cannot find that one stubborn, shaving gel! Without a shaving cabinet in the bathroom, the toothpaste and brushes will continue to pile up next to the sink, taking up additional space and adding more stains for you to clean. This might be sufficient justification for you to think about switching from a plain mirror to a shaving cabinet.  When choosing a shaving cabinet for your bathroom, you need to make sure it goes with the overall design and sits well atop your sink. Well, you may ask what does needing a functional space have anything to do with its style. For one, the material of your shaving cabinet is extremely important. Since your bathroom is a space that retains moisture, it is imperative to choose a material that is water-resistant and durable. We can’t possibly ask you to cut back on those relaxing hot showers, but what we can do is guide you in choosing the best bathroom shaving cabinet.

Shaving cabinets with mirror


The typical bathroom shaving cabinet includes a mirror. Of course, it does! Why else would it be called a shaving cabinet?Shaving cabinets with mirror is the preferred choice to go for when shopping for bathroom furniture. It is only practical that you can use both a mirror and have a storage space in one unit, saving money as well as space. The more compartments you have, the better! You can save all your skincare products, styling products and toiletries behind the mirror for ease-of-access. Get rid of drawers and the hassle of arranging things again and again. With cabinets you can store and organise all your hygiene essentials and products in one space.

Make sure that when you are buying a shaving cabinet with mirror, the hinge of the door is placed in such a way where you can easily wipe off the fingerprints. No one wants to see dirty fingerprints all over the mirror! it is even better if you have 2 doors with hinges so that you can use the side of the shaving cabinet that you need.

Bathroom cabinets with sink


Bathroom cabinets with sink is a classic combination that keeps you on the go. Everything that you need is within your hand’s reach. If you are worried about your bathroom cabinet taking up a lot of space, there are plenty of bathroom vanity designs to choose from to hold in your extra toiletries. While a lot of people are choosing to recess their shaving cabinets, it is safe to say that with a proper distance between the two, you can avoid bumping into your cabinet while using the sink. If recessing yourshaving cabinet better suits you, it is perfectly possible if with a sleek storage space that does not dig too deep into the wall.

Oak provides a wonderful finish to your shaving cabinets and is scratch and water-resistant. With moisture-resistant plywood, you can rest assured that your shaving cabinet will last longer from its contemporaries. You don’t have any control over the durability of your furniture, but making little choices can go a long way. For example, choosing awhite bathroom cabinet can pull together all the elements in your bathroom. A sophisticated choice, it makes everything look more composed and neater.


Shaving cabinets with lights


Shaving cabinets with lights is a duo known for its dynamic ability to shift the aura of your bathroom. You can instantly change the ambience with different settings of LED ranging from daylight white to warm white when you are in the mood for a late-night shower. Why shouldn't your shaving cabinet and mirror be dual purpose if you don't always have the space for additional illumination in the bathroom?  The installation of quality lighting fixtures is the only way to have a mirror configuration that works. Even when there is natural light in the bathroom, grooming must always come first! Which is why, additional lighting is always helpful.

Imagine all those hectic early mornings when you need to set yourself afoot even before the sun is out. With no natural light, your make-up may look like a disaster. In this case, a shaving cabinet which comes with a light fixture is an absolute life-saver.

With all this in mind,you also need to make sure that your shaving cabinet matches your vanity, the colour theme and does not take too much space. Your shaving cabinet should be free from unnecessary water spots, cracks and stains. A minimalist setup will always look good, regardless of your décor motif or plan.




Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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