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by Zure Australia July 04, 2022 4 min read

Name a better feeling than concealing the clutter and getting your bathroom storage spot on, we’ll wait! Ah, it’s just so damn zen inducing. If you haven’t had that euphoric feeling lately, we are here to help!


Whether you’re just seeking some space for your fabulous collection of skincare/grooming products or putting away linens, you are obviously in search of ingeniousbathroom storage ideas. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether you should look at optimum storage or glorious aesthetics, we are here to help you with the best tricks and tips to keep it as fresh as functional. You perhaps need to find that delicate balance between allowing more flamboyant items to stay on display and stowing away other secondary necessities for a cleaner finish. 


How to choose a bathroom vanity?

Needless to say, thevanity you’ll be choosing should take into account the people who are going to be using it and of course the purpose it will serve in your bathroom. More people imply double sinks. If you are by yourself, you could make do with something much smaller. Also, because it takes time and not to mention money in making changes to your bathroom plumbing, it will most likely dictate where your vanity is going to go. However, it gets tricky when it comes to storage and style. What if you find something that hits all the right aesthetic spots but however fails to meet your storage needs? Or suppose you find something that offers a lot of storage space but isn’t quite charming as you’d like it to be?


Bathroom storage


You probably are very well familiar with this: that busy weekday morning rush hour in the bathroom. You can create an organized and functional space only when you make the best usage of your bathroom vanity’s storage. Especially if your bathroom is short on space, the right vanity can help you live larger. With just a little bit of planning and exploring, you know you can get a vanity that pack plenty of style and storage into a tight space. How about a few small bathroom vanities that never fail to make a big statement without overpowering the overall vibe of the space?


Modern vanity ideas

Sleek, chic modern silhouettes and shiny glossy surfaces can give your bathroom a clean, simplistic look. You can go for a single sink vanity that tucks neatly into a nook while offering a lot of storage space. Some even have storage that’s supplemented by a recessedcabinet along with a framedbathroom LED mirror.


Freestanding small vanity

When compared to built-in counterparts, a freestanding vanity can appear way more petite and delicate making it a formidable bathroom storage idea. You can also go for small bamboo baskets to keep loose items stored under the vanity. The freestanding vanities often foster a more open look making your bathroom look larger and not to mention offering plenty of storage for your convenience.


Storage ideas for small bathrooms


If your bathroom is relatively small, you can mix and match a number of storage tips and tricks that will let you store all your necessities efficiently and cleanly. How about going for a vanity unit that combines both shelves and drawers to suit various, diverse storage needs? The room on the countertop can always be leveraged for corralling frequently used toiletries. Never forget you always have the option of hanging an open shelving unit where you can perhaps feature some art and arranging it with beauty products!


Bathroom vanity design

A lack of space doesn’t always mean a lack of style. Minimal and neat is the new good looking. (Not to sound clichéd or anything, but we’re certain you’ve heard the phrase less is more). Small stylish bathroom vanities that fill an awkward nook’s exact measurements often allow more room for essentials too! So, storage: tick! Aesthetics: tick! It’s a win-win situation for you. A vanity combined with a bathroom mirror is always visually expansive. Small, chic and illuminated are our new favorite adjectives for bathroom vanities with mirrors! If it comes with shelves, needless to say, it’s definitely a more space savvy choice because it allows you to keep supplies well organized and out of sight.


Choose a bathroom vanity that’s specifically designed for smaller spaces because its scaled down dimensions will easily be a much better fit. Lucky for you, Zure bathroom shaving cabinets andvanities come in all shapes and sizes so there’s always a little something for everyone. Well organized cabinets are the secret behind relaxing evenings and smoother mornings. Bring some order to your vanity drawers and grooming/self-check-out sessions. With Zure vanities, you won’t have to choose storage over aesthetics or vice versa because you’ll get the best of both worlds. Don’t take it from us. Take it from our products instead!


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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