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by Zure Australia May 30, 2022 4 min read

4 Best Bathroom Vanity Material Options

We often overlook the utility that bathroom vanity units provide. They are truly our saviours when you are running late and can’t find any of your stuff! We are forever on-the-go keeping in tandem with our fast-paced lives and it is only natural that it does not receive much needed attention. Throwing in your bathroom essentials and toiletries is easy, however, in order to have a clutter-free and hygienic storing unit, you must choose one that has great functionality. Now what does that even mean? Having a space to store things should be enough, right? Well, it is a lot more than that.

For starters, choosing a small cabinet may prove to be cumbersome later when storing your linens and towels. It may retain moisture and can ruin the quality of the fabrics that you store. Your bathroom vanity must be durable because they are often exposed to water splashes, humidity, and dripping lotions. As a result, choosing the proper vanity countertop material, surface finish and base material is critical for easy maintenance. Here are a few material options for your bathroom vanity to choose from which we believe can guide you in making the decision.

Stone Vanity Top


In recent years, wood has become a trendy choice, with durable veneers finding their way into the moisture-rich environment. However, this does not negate the significance of a stone vanity top and what it can accomplish in the bathroom. Natural stone has resurfaced in popularity due to its aesthetic and functional value, since spa-styled bathrooms have become popular in modern homes. When polished to perfection, stone exudes richness and sophistication!

Because of its inherent pattern, stone has a unique aesthetic impact. Each stone is unique, and while white marble is a classic that keeps the bathroom's neutral colour scheme intact, black marble can become the bathroom's defining nucleus. Best stone top vanities mix in with the decor of the bathroom while providing striking feature with their pattern-filled brilliance.

Oak Vanity for your bathroom


While there are numerous possibilities when it comes to selecting the best material for your bathroom vanity, most people believe that oak is a good choice for a variety of reasons. Known to be one of the best natural real woods, cleaning is as easy as wiping tough stains with a damp cloth. Oak is a traditional choice that outperforms most woods made by mixing wood particles.

Known for its breathability and natural feel, it adds softness and warmth to your bathroom. It is not only long-lasting and cost-effective, but also water and stain-resistant. Available in a range of appealing colours, it is resistant to warping and cracking. If you're completely refurbishing your home, oak vanity is a great choice as it is strong enough to withstand use without reinforcements.

Marble vanity tops


Marble has been associated with luxury and royalty since the time of Ancient Rome. It provides homeowners with an exquisite and opulent bathroom vanity alternative that is now much more affordable. Marble is a stunning material for any space that requires a long-lasting and attractive countertop and is available in a variety of exquisite colours. If you choose a marble countertop for your vanity, you should not be concerned about its durability. Make sure to protect your marble vanity top with sealants so that it remains durable and easy to clean.

Marble can be used in practically any design style, from contemporary to traditional. It can be polished for a beautiful high-gloss shine or honed for a more casual matte look, and is long-lasting and sturdy enough to resist most chips or dents. Accent your bathroom with this accessory- a clean, neat and minimalistic design that fits in seamlessly with every decor style thus giving your space a contemporary upgrade.


Wood vanity unit


While all vanities function, they may or may not function for you. What will last the longest in your bathroom depends on your daily hygiene practises and design decisions. While there is nothing quite like solid wood for most projects, it is not always the greatest option for a bathroom vanity. Yet, bathroom vanities made of wood are a timeless choice for modern bathrooms. Your wooden vanity units’ warm neutral tone and structure give your bathroom a classic and vintage look.

With a sturdy finish and quality plywood vanity top, a bathroom vanity with legs keeps the cabinet portion of the vanity off the ground and keeps water out of the cabinet. Plywood is a durable material that's a good choice if you're looking for a good balance of price and quality. A beautifully designed plywood material vanity cabinetgives you enough of storage for all of your bathroom supplies. It's a lovely wood and a rock-solid choice for your bathroom vanity.

Choosing the right countertop material can help you set the tone for your bathroom and make it more fascinating. Make a gorgeous statement by investing in high-quality bathroom vanity and feel like royalty every day!


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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