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MARLO Mirror Shaving Cabinet 1200mm Matte Black

Meet Marlo. Always DTF(ire up your morning grooming routine)



Storage: Multi functional storage solution where your essentials can be placed outside the cabinet, and your personal treasures on the inside.

Size options: It takes up very little space while optimising yours thanks to the size options (600mm, 750mm, 900mm & 1200mm) it’s available in.

✓3 Door soft closing: To ensure ease of access and utmost convenience, it comes with a 3 door soft closing mechanism.

Moisture resistant: It’s crafted with premium moisture-resistant laminated matte black finish plywood to withstand long steamy showers.

Illuminated: Available with Magnetic USB LED Light Strip in Cool White, Daylight White & Warm White Options so you can get the nightly ambiance you desire.



Besides your bed, your bathroom vanity/shaving cabinet is usually the first piece of furniture you interact with each morning. It kickstarts your day so if it’s unappealing to say the least it can make bringing your A game for the day ahead a little more challenging. Also sometimes the biggest obstacle holding your bathroom back is the way space is leveraged. Introducing our Marlo Shaving Cabinet- looks good by itself; looks better when paired with its matching vanity. Thanks to the size options it’s available in (600mm, 750mm, 900mm & 1200mm), it can make even the smallest bathrooms feel open and airy. Because it’s wall mounted it also maximises floor space. If you want your bathroom to have depth and style, this is what a happy life choice is going to look like for you- a wall mounted two door cabinet crafted with moisture resistant plywood with a luxurious matte black finish.

It’s sleek, veneer surface brings in an eclectic sensibility in the space and modernises your bathroom while being super easy to maintain. Since it’s built into a wall not only is the installation process hassle free but it offers an interesting nook for more storage. Who knew mornings could feel so easy and effortless right? It’s hard to resist the temptation, we know! 



  • Configuration: Wall Mounted    
  • Size: 1200x800x150mm       
  • Doors: 3 Door Soft closing
  • Handle: Fingerpull        
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Moisture Resistant Plywood
  • Interior Finish: Matte Black
  • Mirror: Exterior Mirror  5mm
  • Copper-free mirror

Optional USB LED Light Strip in Cool White, Daylight White & Warm White Options.

LED Light Strip Specifications : 

Dimensions : 400x30mm

Emitting Surface: 3cm Side-emitting lamp beads, the light is softer and even

Sensor :

PIR Sensor Switch : 
-120 degree sensing area
-Sensing distance within 3 meters
-Turns off after 20 secs upon leaving 

Recharge : 

Long battery life and easy charging
USB charging 
Power bank charging

GEAR SWITCH                   

OFF: Turn off the lights
ON:  Long light switch
AUTO: Induction standby state 


For enquiries about 3 or more product bundles, contact us on info@zure.com.au to receive a customised quote.