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Product Warranty

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All Zure products vary from a 12 month to 15 year product warranty.

Should any of our products not perform to your satisfaction and for any claims in relation to a specific product warranty, please contact us below.


How to make a warranty claim

Please contact us with the details of your claim including your contact details, proof of purchase, item and model number, a brief description of the issue with the product and supporting evidence (eg. photographs).

 Schedule for the following brands:

Summer, NGB, Giorgio, Livanity. & HDP


Warranty period



7/1 years

7 years replacement product

1 year parts and labour

Toilet Suites (Cisterns and Pans)

7/1 years

7 years replacement product

1 year parts and labour


1 year

1 year replacement product or parts

Accessories and Spare Parts

1 year

1 year replacement product or parts


7/1 years

7 years replacement product

1 year parts and labour

Wall Mixers

15 / 7 /1 years

15 years warranty for replacement cartridge
7 year warranty for parts or product
1 year warranty for parts and labour


5 years

5 years replacement product


For all other brands (Taqua, Belbagno, Norico, Austworld, Turner Hastings, and Poseidon), please see individual product listings for warranty information.

Terms of Warranty

  1. This product warranty for Zure product/s commences from date of purchase of the product/s.
  2. Please refer to the warranty table in the above Schedule which sets out, the product/s, warranty period for each product and, the warranty coverage.
  3. We warrant that our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in accordance with applicable Australian standards, including, Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS).
  4. We warrant that under proper care, domestic/residential use and maintenance of the product/s, our product/s will be free from defects subject to, the terms and conditions which follow.

Warranty Conditions

  1. Our product warranty is in addition to your rights, remedies and consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law at Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)(“ACL”) [1].
  2. This warranty must be read in conjunction with the ACL and nothing in this warranty has the effect of excluding, restricting or modifying any rights under the ACL.
  3. For any minor product failure, you are entitled to have the product repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality or under the guarantee of goods contained in ACL and such failure does not amount to a major failure.
  4. For any major failure, you are entitled to a replacement of or monetary refund for the product/s and, failing any replacement or refund (subject to the determination of Zure) compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage [2].
  5. Zure requires access to product/s to undertake any agreed warranty repairs or replacement that is/are subject to the warranty exclusions below.

Warranty exclusions

To the extent permitted by law:

  1. This warranty only applies to minor or major defects in a Zure product which arise from faulty materials or workmanship and does not apply to other defects that may arise in relation to the product, including but not limited to, accidental damage, abuse, misuse, maltreatment, abnormal stress or strain, harsh or adverse weather conditions or cleaning products used, including excessive water pressure, temperature, harsh chemical irritants or failure or neglect to properly maintain and use Zure product/s.
  2. The work covered by our warranty, including the labour and/or 3rd party costs, is limited to the pre-approved scope of work set out in any work order. Additional work, including additional labour and/or 3rd party costs, will require our authorisation.
  3. Zure is not responsible for any consequential loss or damage to any furniture, floor coverings, walls, waterproofing, fixtures or to any such related claims (including any claims for compensation for related works to address any product defect by a third party) or consequential loss or any kind caused by any defect or in relation to the installation in connection with Zure products.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, this warranty does not apply if:
  • Our product/s is/are not installed correctly by any persons in accordance with express Zure and/or provided manufacturer specific installation instructions.
  • Any installation of our product/s does/do not comply with the Australian standards, relevant building codes or laws, where applicable.
  • Water pressures and/or temperatures exceed stated limitations as per the product/s installation instructions [3].
  • Any attachment of any accessories or replacement parts to products other than those provided or approved by Zure.

The expressions “we”, “us”, “our” and “Zure” refer to Zure Pty Ltd ABN 11 631 304 473, in this warranty.

[1] Please see

[2] Zure’s liability is limited to the amount of the purchase price of the product/s.

[3] Note: AS/NZS 3500.1-2003 specifies 500kPa maximum water supply pressure at any outlet within a building for new installations.