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by Zure Australia May 07, 2022 4 min read

4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to make her day special

Life, as we all know, does not come with a how-to manual, but it sure does come with mom! Mother’s Day, 2022 is right around the corner (it’s on 8th May; you’re welcome), and it’s time for a big celebration for the lady of honour. Why, you ask? Imagine if your mom went on a much-needed vacation and you were to assume responsibilities in her place. The house won’t function even for a single day! Phew! That’s why, Mother’s Day is just the perfect excuse to shower her with some extra love. It goes without saying - they are simply the best. And we can’t appreciate it enough. Moms are the pillars upon which everything rests. Really, what better way is there than to celebrate with a fun home makeover? Get ready to surprise her with a spectacular statement piece for the home she has built – just the way she’d love - to celebrate motherhood.

Rugs for floor


You may not have covered a lot of areas in your life (it’s okay, mom still loves you), a rug sure does. If you are thinking about rugs to buy, don’t worry. You can throw a perfect Mother’s Day brunch by surprising her with a gorgeous rug sprawling on the floor. Wouldn’t she just love that? Impress your mom by investing in a superior-quality jute rug that’s sturdy and long lasting with so many different options available now – rugs for bedroom, rugs for living room, area rugs and much more. You can also check out our exquisite selection of wool rugs that bespeak style and finesse.

You can choose from our selection of rugs that provides the same sense of security and comfort as your mom. Whether she is a chic woman or has an exuberant spirit, there is a rug for every mom!

LED lights for bedroom


Even on the darkest days, a mother’s love is like the light shining the way home for you. Being a mom is incredibly tiring, and when she lays her head on the pillow at night – she is still thinking about you. Maybe, you can put a little light back into her world by setting up her bedroom with LED lights. It can transform the look of the room in an instant, lifting up the furnishing from basic to baroque. With lights adorning the shapes of the room with its soft glow, it is a perfect gift to lift her mood just before she hits the bed. Maybe she loves to curl up with a book, or listen to a podcast, these lights will perfectly set the mood.  The best part? Some even come with a remote control feature that lets your mom set the pace and the mood according to her own discretion.

Pendant lights modern


Imagine this, your mum has her potted plants, woollen rugs and intricate décor accessories but something’s missing. Inspired by industrial aesthetics, geometrical whimsy and elegant design schemes, pendant lights can make for the perfect mother’s day gift in more ways than one. Who wouldn’t love coming back home to a collection of striking modern pendant lighting fixtures that unapologetically steal the spotlight, not unlike our mums! Waking up next to white pendant lights that never fail to take you by surprise or a number of wooden orbs matched perfectly to the bedside table is a funky way to light up her room and her day. Glass pendant lights are also a great choice for loudly-hued rooms.

Shaving cabinets with mirror


Discover how you can do the best with the storage you have in your bathrooms and take advantage of every inch of space with bathroom cabinets from Zure. Go for simple, clean lines and neat aesthetics when it comes to shaving cabinets with mirror. Shaving cabinets with mirror ensure the scale is in proportion while effortlessly lending an organic element to the setting. How about some thin trim and curved edged mirror shaving cabinets for your mom? Or round mirror shaving cabinets with lights that flirt with loops? Your mom is bound to love something fun in her powder room that helps soften the sharp lines of the walls. Check out shaving cabinets on sale for the occasion of mother’s day (900mm, 750mm and more) that urge you to not compromise on the bathroom’s light and airy aesthetic while making for a truly thoughtful gift for the mothership!

Mother’s Day greetings come to a full circle with a personalized, thoughtful gift that help you forge everlasting memories with the mom. Whether it’s a mother’s day brunch you’re organizing or a quiet, cosy dinner, here’s a gentle reminder to call her and let her know what she means to you today and every day. Don’t let her map out her life as a mum in mother’s days!


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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