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by Zure Australia April 16, 2022 4 min read

Tiktok and Instagram reels have taken the internet by storm because of their crisp and fun less than a minute long content coupled with a catchy music catalogue in the latest years. With over 1 million monthly users worldwide, everyone on the gram is now not only trying to find their visual voice but to make it heard.


Let’s be real, people want to put their best foot forward when it comes to putting out high quality content and be follow-worthy. If you feel like your Instagram feed and Tiktok are in a creative rut, we’ve got news for you. Good lighting is what it takes to make people stop scrolling and start liking. We’ve got a list of light ideas that will make your Tiktok and Insta reels pop!

Room with red lights


Smoldering, sultry and sexy, who wouldn’t want a touch of red in their room? But did you know that red lights for home make your Instagram feed and Tiktok videos stand out. You can use it as an accent color because it makes for a great fiery scheme, and you can craft your entire palette based on…red! Red is passionate, might as well use it to bring some heat into your social media!

Combine red with white and you have sharp interiors, throw in black and you have drama, with blue it becomes enhanced. LED floor lights are a great way to infuse a bit of red in your room and bring myriads of looks to your boudoir and none of them timid. If you’re sleeping on ideas for a bold, daring and bleeding scheme for your Instagram reels, get yourself some red LED lights for home!

Pendant Lights Black


Pendant lights breathe fresh air and personality in an otherwise boring setup. Based on the simple principle of a single light suspended from the ceiling, pendant lights add a dash of elegance, giving your space an elevated feel.

Let your home speak of your elegance when you shoot reels in an indoor space. Make the most of good lighting with the classic black pipe shaped bedroom pendant. Hang them on either side of the bed for a cool alternative to table lamps. The combination of cane & black metalware bringing an earthy appeal to the frame, is sure to bowl over your viewers with its state-of-the-art appeal.

Zure meets all your black pendant lights needs with its wide array of voguish designs. Affix the Kirkcolm Wood Black Pendant to the ceiling to embellish a simple bulb with a rustic boho fixture. Alternately, go for a Winkworth Pendant Light Steel Black with its simple yet classy appeal. The rise and fall pulley system allows you to adjust the height of the pendant at any time. Going stylish has never felt easier!

Outdoor Lights for Garden


The undeniable sense of dynamism that outdoor shooting brings is truly unparalleled. It has spontaneity, adventure and possibility written all over it. There you have a black canvas and a lot of natural elements at your disposal. However, outdoor photoshoots are all about hitting that sweet spot when it comes to perfect lighting. Have you checked out some truly mesmerizing solar lanterns that have the most neutral and softest reflectance enhancing the color of the natural light?

How about some sleek wall lights that are aggressively warm and make for a great backdrop for your new reel? You can also go for some black rustic fixtures that contrast sharply and might we say rather beautifully against strong sunlight, highlighting textures and tones in the frame. Another tip: try to catch the golden hour because it is bound to be flattering to any subject!

Wall Lights Indoor


If you’re about to take your followers on a dreamy, lit ride through your content, you know that the living room is perhaps the heart of your home, and you must properly layer wall lights in that space. The best source of ambient lighting in open spaces are wall light fixtures. They are decorative and serve as stand-alone wall art too! If you want to formalize the room, black fixtures are a great choice while gold adds a distinct, visual depth to your Instagram lights video. Also, sometimes, all it takes to make a big difference is little lighting. You can go for some more traditional schemes that are both old-timey and hip! It all comes down to the aesthetics of your feed but don’t shy away from choosing lights with a modern edge either. Slightly whimsical, slightly geometric and a lot trendy designs offer potent ambient lighting that ups the ante on the appeal of your Instagram/Tiktok.  

There are always numerous ways to make your Instagram/Tiktok truly droolworthy and ensure people always keep coming back to you for more! Try and choose designs that highlight your best features and are truly indispensable when it comes to magnifying the overall atmospheric effect. Nothing does storytelling better than reels. Go for that cohesive, consistent and seamless look that will only dazzle your followers with a hard-to-come by play of lights, nuances, textures and more!



Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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