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by Zure Australia May 18, 2022 3 min read

Portable lights are all green flags and no hassle, they give you all major reasons to make them yours and quite rightly so. Not only are they supremely handy and come with ease of access/use, most portable solar lights are also energy efficient. Combined with their overall lifespan and myriads of other benefits that you need to leverage right now, this technology holds all the groundbreaking potential to truly transform the way you brighten and enliven your home or outdoor deck, patio, driveway and garden by reducing the cost of electricity and overall energy use. Portable lights, in short, offer a practical and versatile solution to all your lighting needs. They are the ideal adaptable companions to meet your daily needs while swinging efficiently between home and office with impeccable ease that’s almost envious of! 


Here are few ways to make the best use of portable lights. Read on and thank us later for introducing you to the new way of feeling LIT on the go!


Portable night lights


They make for the best kind of outdoor garden lights while ensuring you and your loved ones are safe. Portable night lights offer up to very many hours of warm illumination, enhancing the features of your outdoor garden or deck. Solar garden lights like our Leo-to-go are minimal and uncluttered, often playing with multitudes of colour combinations including cream, beige and rust enriched by a discreet shimmer that’s almost hard to resist. Best part? It follows the party! Wherever you’re hosting your dinner or house party the outdoor lights lantern will follow you in their charismatic, laid back style that makes them highly sought after. There are also portable pool lights that you can place around your tub or the pool enriching the aesthetic or your pool party.


Portable lights for photography


The time for waking up before dawn to catch the soft light or waiting out until golden hour at dusk is long gone. Now you can get superior, state-of-the-art quality lighting on the go with our kettle-to-go portable lights. Demountable to easily pack and take it on project trips, it’s your to-go flexible light to accompany you in your professional adventures especially if you’re a photographer. Instead of investing a lot in equipment that’s bulky and demands physical labour, how about some portable work lights that cast an enigmatic, charming patterned shadow highlighting your subject as per your need? With no compromise on intensity, these offer a literal beacon of light that’s elegant and dimmable, seamless transitioning between different setups. 


Portable lights for camping


A long trip with loved ones, a walk on the beach, a summer dinner with friends under stars, now you can have adventures on the go. We imagined our Bob-to-go solar portable lights to be a collection of memories woven seamlessly into a lantern. They can be professional but also intimate and personal that you can keep with you to gently illuminate precious moments that become momentous memories. In addition to being a decorative element, portable lights led lets you welcome a new palette of pastel hues while you’re camping under the stars or in the deep wilderness. Additionally, their playful spirit also adds a touch of serenity and after-dark whimsy on all your escapades. 


Portable reading lights


Are you a voracious reader always looking for brand new things to read into, quite literally? Well, we have the perfect present for you. How about some portable reading lights with durability and performance at the heart of the design? Say hello to little outdoor lamps with lots of light to offer to the reader that you are. Smart portable lights that are minimal yet high-tech are ideal to accompany you and warm your dreams while you curl up in your bed with a book. Feel like reading on the go? No worries, because our ara-to-go portable lightsmake for great travel buddies too! Flexible, sturdy and rechargeable, their evenly lit surface and warm glow are soothing and comforting. Some even come with an anti-glare glow to let you just do your thing! They work well leaning on a wall, as a lone module or placed on a table for a more minimalist effect. 


If these reasons haven’t convinced you yet we don’t know what will! Get yourself stylish, trendy portable lights that effortlessly blend into a variety of interior spaces. They’re lightweight, small and make lighting scenes a whole lot easier. Besides, they make installations look easy, you don’t need professional experience to set them up. They also don’t take much time to reach their full intensity, help eliminate ‘dark spots’ and offer an even, balmy illumination. What more can we ask for? Check out our collection of trendy portable lights that are much coveted and can’t wait to be adored lovingly by you. 




Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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