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by Zure Australia May 22, 2022 4 min read

Work from Home Ideas for Increasing Productivity

Whether you are at your desk at office or working from home, having a setup is extremely crucial in order to stay focused. With work from home gradually becoming the new normal, having the right setup with proper lighting helps as it can be difficult on productivity. You don’t have to be an expert in workstation ergonomics to realise that you need to invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair. Because of their extensive lumbar support, these chairs are a good choice for backache relief and provide comfort.

Well, are there any other rules one must follow? In order to churn out long hours without feeling burnt out, you must have proper lights illuminating your workspace. A well-thought-out setup can help restore normalcy and productivity to a situation. As a result, if you work from home, you'll need a great workplace to get back on track. Consider positioning your workspace near a source of natural light while planning it. If you can’t manage a space that gets natural light, there is no need to worry. There are excellent lighting options available in the market that mimic natural lighting.

Exercise your independence by choosing stylish yet energy-saving lights that elevate your quality of work. Who cares if you go a little overboard with the details - that’s one of the best parts about you. What are you waiting for? Select the perfect light for your work from desk and get hustling!

Modern Table Lamps


A table lamp is essential for any space. A modern LED table lamp is the ideal choice for any workspace. There are many reasons as to why you should choose LED lamps. For starters, they provides a bright, flicker-free light source that is steadfast and comfortable. They are also devoid of glare, which can assist in keeping your eyes relaxed when working long hours.

You can elevate the aesthetic of your workstation desk by placing a modern table lamp that is sleek and efficient at the same time. LEDs also provide advantages such as longer bulb life, and lower wattage energy consumption to create a higher intensity of light for a bright yet cost-effective solution.

If you are someone who is keen on elevating your work from home setup, you can use a table lamp with a dimmer that can double as a night lamp. With a minimalist, neat and sleek finish, Zure lamps come with simple settings to fit all your needs – without taking too much space.

Indoor Wall Lights


There are several work from home benefits, and one of them is having the liberty to do as you like (sometimes!). Maybe you like having a clutter-free space and a desk lamp is too cumbersome for you. You can easily install indoor wall lights that are great overhead fixtures without obstructing your line of sight. Wall lights on either side of your workstation is an easy way to add lighting while keeping an open feel. If you’re looking for an elegant design, you can use pop wall lights that are savvy-looking yet highly efficient.

Don't be scared to go for wall lights that have a contemporary feel to them. Unconventional designs and shapes can liven up your workspace and break the monotony of working for long hours. Not only they give effective ambient lighting but they also add a modern decorative element to your workspace. Work can be really boring sometimes, but your black wall light doesn’t have to be. Combining wall and table lights for even more coverage is a great option if your workspace is small.

Vintage Pendant Lights


While we agree that pendant lights can be a little extra for your workspace, there aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to home décor. Pendant lights are one of the most versatile types of lighting, capable of changing the look and atmosphere of any place. They are supremely aesthetic and definitely insta-worthy!

When you put slightly whimsical pendant lights over your desk, you have the freedom to concentrate more on a certain task. Since the lights are suspended from the ceiling, they take up less floor area and also makes your space look larger than it really is. They’re great for ambient/task lighting. Just make sure they're not mounted right above your head and you’re good to go.

Glass pendant lights make any space look fresh and contemporary while wooden pendant lights makes it look cosy and warm. Vintage pendant lights are best for outlining your work area and generates an ambient space where you can relax. Consider lights that provide plenty of light for doing tasks while still emitting a pleasant, soothing glow.

Get yourself some lights that are free from flickers for a comfortable and consistent lighting source and with better longevity. Make your home office soothing and one you’d want to come back to. And while you’re at it don’t forget to take some much needed coffee breaks!



Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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