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by Zure Australia August 04, 2022 4 min read

It’s not difficult to be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of choices when it comes to lighting fixtures. Enter your gorgeous yet affordable pendant light. Pendant lights not only look great but also are highly functional. They sit well in just about any space and a cluster of more together make the space all the more warm and inviting. 


Pendant Lights Modern

There is your regular farmhouse-friendly lantern and also the not-so-regular retro inspired chandelier. Some are geometric so they let you add some angles to an otherwise mundane and soft space and there are those pendant lights modern looking and very becoming that are sheathed in reeds and lend a tropical touch to your room. There are pendant lights for staircase, bedside pendant lights and even modern lights for kitchen spaces to make eating a cosy affair!The best ones usually forgo lamp shapes and covers, unpretentious and laid back but always there should you need it. 


Thinking of pendant lights DIY? While it’s great, we have something to offer you. If you can’t take a pick, we sure will help you. You can easily spruce up your space in a jiffy without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are our top picks for pendant lightsthat are under $150! 


Pendant Lights Black

An eye catching addition to just about any room, pendant lights black in colour are modern, dramatic and bold. They have a starburst look to them and offers boundless elegance with a tiny bit of industrial twist. For a subtle look that looks great without standing out eccentrically you have to get yourself and your house a black, stylish pendant light. Our Tees Pendant Metal black light could be the perfect one for you because not only just about diffusing but also about creating interesting shadows and patterns, thanks to its unique shape, it is also under $150! Isn’t that a great bargain? We think so too!


Pendant Lights Kitchen

Sometimes you get pendant lights that are minimalistic, narrow and simply glorious. If you’re on the lookout for trendy lights, these long, reaching lamps effortlessly give you that dropped-light look and could be a great addition to your kitchen. Be fairly warned: they do tend to make your kitchen as desirable as the awesome food you’ll be prepping in it! Our Sabinar Pendant light is so much more than a utilitarian necessity; it honestly feels like art. Embrace it and make it the centrepiece of your space so that it can sing! The best part: it’s priced reasonably so that now you can have your dream home just the way you like it!


Pendant Lights Bedroom

The bedroom may not seem like a place for styled lighting fixtures but maybe it’s time for it to be. Did you know that pendant lights are not just meant to offer the very conventional and clichéd bulb-and-socket-style light but also a faux-candle style light? Perfect for your late night reading sessions or just cuddling up together with a book in your bedroom right? This style of lighting makes your room feel way more cozier. For a more stand-out industrial vibe in the bedroom why don’t you try our Newtown Steel Black pendant light that’s under $150 as well! It makes for a great, welcoming and soft lighting source. You can also try out a more stacked look with this one or combining its curves with other slightly loud shapes that look trendy!


Pendant Lights Wooden

You know what brings in a touch of vertical interest and oomph to a space? Why, a pendant light with a slightly cascading look of course! Why not try out wooden pendant lights that fit especially well in rooms with tall ceilings. They also tend to make your space feel moody and unhinged in the best possible way and offers some interesting textures and contrast especially in a sea of white and all vanilla walls. The aged look lends to your space a subtly historic look. Check out our Kirkcolm cane pendant series that are highly desirable and for all the right reasons! It’s under $150 and makes for just the perfectly lit item on your next shopping list.


Pendant Lights Large

A fun take on the pendant is an especially wide one. While most house owners and designers alike prefer to use the pendant as a great way to offer sufficient task lighting, they can also be a size-appropriate lighting fixture for a relatively larger-space like when it comes to trendy lights for the open-concept living room or hall for instance. It’s not a problem even if it’s oversized, all the more desirable in fact because they offer all the chic-style but served with twice the drama! And the highly sought-after black and white collar combination has an undisputed space within the industry. They offer style, sophistication and charm without taking over the same and making it all about themselves. Check out our Trude pendant light for instance!


We hope our comprehensive list helps you with your next home renovation project especially if you’re on a budget! If you’re looking for lights for the house, pendant lights can be neat, clean, minimalistic but also out-of-sorts, eccentric and fun. In short, they can be anything you want them to be: they’re super flexible! Don’t think twice before stepping out of your lighting comfort zone too. Go for uniquely shapes ones in spaces that could use a bit of shaking up! 

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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