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by Zure Australia July 25, 2022 4 min read

Make everyday feel like a party with these fancy lighting fixtures. Choose from a selection of multiuse lights to turn the heat up for the night!

4 Types of Lights For Every Home

Long weekdays can definitely be a soul-crushing and dreary affair. The nine-to-five can isn’t for everyone and if you are someone who works long hours, you seldom get some me-time for yourself. Friends can’t stop calling you to their parties, but oh, you just want to desperately get back home. In this case, you need something to feel energised and not feel like the human-embodiment of boredom! Having great lighting fixtures installed in your home can shift the energy instantly. Imagine walking into your lovely apartment with modern and classy lights that cast perfect shadows that calls for a glass of whiskey and some Netflix. Or maybe you want terrific lights to go with your gaming setup and chill with your online gaming buddies. With some fancy-looking lights, you can bring the party home and turn any Monday into a happening, Friday night. Trust us when we say - with a range of lighting options for your home available these days, you can make things lit!

Outdoor Garden Lights

The beauty and magic that outdoor lighting can produce, especially in your garden, is unparalleled. It's not about flooding the area with lights, which would likely distract rather than enthral your visitors. Your ability to see your surroundings can be impaired by excessive lighting and if there is not enough light, everything fades in the dark. We suggest having small fixtures around the garden to make your garden look like its straight out of a Disneyesque fairy-tale. Outdoor lighting can be mysterious and endearing when done properly. Outdoor lantern lights add a sophisticated, old-world charm that looks inviting and beautiful. You can install these near the door that opens up to the garden for a warm welcome into your outdoor space.

Solar powered garden lights are great options to have when you want to throw your own, little barbeque cookout. Perfect for a lovely evening with your friends, it’s efficient and charges during the day. 

Portable Night Lights

Portable lights are great for good vibes and fun! You can transport it to your balcony, rooftop or garden anytime you feel too lazy to switch on the lights. With a functional design, it becomes easy to carry it around and have a ‘lit’ session with your friends, anytime, anywhere. What’s better? Your buddies will go to town with this mushroom-shaped portable light that looks quite funky! With a dimmer you can adjust the light depending on what time of the night it is. LED portable lights are the best when going camping or exploring. If you like being on-the-go, these lights can come with you everywhere. It’s not only trendy and hip but also comes quite handy every now and then. Afterall, it is always best to carry your own lit shroom than not carry one at all. 

LED Floor Lights 

A floor light, often known as a floor lamp, is a tall, standing lighting fixture that is set on the floor. A floor lamp typically has a height of 4 to 6 feet, depending on its purpose. LED lights for home are wonderful options as they are long-lasting and produce bright illumination in big rooms that require a lot of lighting to cover its utility areas. LED floor lights not only add to the aesthetic appeal but are great to create vertical streams of light in the corners of your home. From picturesque reading lamps to vintage pharmacy lamps, floor lamps provide a variety of utilitarian benefits. If relaxing and unwinding in your living room over a hot cup of coffee and an intriguing book is the best part of your day, opt for a gorgeous floor reading lamp to complement your decor. Floor lights provide the unique advantage of not requiring any installation, in contrast to other lighting options. All you require is a cosy area that has an aesthetic appeal and an outlet for power.

Bedside Pendant Lights

No matter how much you concentrate on other factors, everything still feels lacking without that one unique, magical component. Pendant lights can be found everywhere. From Michelin-star restaurants, your antique shop, that sweet café that you love to visit – pendant lights are all that hype and more. Glass pendants are a great way to highlight your decor because they are not as pricey or space-consuming as chandeliers. These pendant lights for your bedroom can be hung at the bedside to create a sensual, captivating and cosy atmosphere. You get the idea.

These various lighting options make the cutest backdrop for your Instagram feed and can truly help you make the best out of FOMO! Explore your lighting options and let your decor speak for you, whether you want to enhance the beauty of your space, install inexpensive lights, or simply need some cool lights for your home.


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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