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by Zure Australia October 08, 2021 4 min read

Don’t undermine the power of a well-appointed bedroom! Your bedroom is your safe haven, it’s a place where you can rest your weary head after a long day’s work. Might as well make it rejuvenating but luxurious, where you can embrace some serenity, peace and quiet in style. Besides unlike the rest of the house, it is the only room that offers the rare opportunity to display your personal style as you please. 


Transforming a drab room into a beautiful, comforting space is not a mammoth task at all. Let your eyes and mind feast on this comprehensive gallery of refreshing bedroom decor ideas that’s bound to make a home out of a house. From warm, modern rustic decor schemes to ultra chic and crisp Scandinavian styles and a cacophony of visually appealing colourful options, there is something for everyone here. While you’re at it, explore out of the box headboard feature wall designs that will set your imagination aglow!


5 interior decor ideas to spruce up your bedroom


Designing a bedroom with a scheme that reflects your personality may seem daunting but you can check out these inspiring and aesthetic ways to transform it into your very own happy place. Beauty sleep hasn’t ever looked this good before! 


Bedroom interior decor ideas



Colors: The easiest way to decorate your bedroom is by starting with a base color and then choosing schemes that go well with that shade. You can go moody and opt for a deep hue like grey to lend to the space a warm cocoon like feel along with contrasting white bedding. Or a hunter green shade that will give the space a purposeful and cohesive feel. 


Patterns and textures: Don’t be apprehensive of mixing and matching when it comes to patterns. When done smartly and correctly, conflicting patterns juxtaposed against one another can play well together. A bedroom brimming with textures is one that you won’t be able to wait to come home to. Add some on and off the bed to give it a comfortable, cozy vibe like some pillows, sheets, drapes and linens. 


Take a green turn: Styling your room with plants can be a refreshing way of sprucing it up in a cost-effective manner and making it look welcoming. Not only does it create a livelier space but also boost your mood early in the morning. Let your room feature a handful of living plants sprinkled sparsely throughout it. 


Headboard: Upholster your headboard in a dramatic, vibrant, juicy print that’ll bring your scheme to life. Your headboard can also define the color scheme and assert a modern twist. You can additionally place a cowhide rug as a centre-piece headboard if you want to stay away from traditional headboards. 



Light decor for bedroom

Regardless of your room size, when it comes to lighting one cannot possibly go wrong with a layered effect. You can bring it all together with a chic, elegant overhead fixture that provides ample lighting along with small bedside table lights.Table lamps enhance not only lighting conditions but also the features of the area you're lightening with it. Swap out the conventional ceiling light for soft pendant lights. You can also get floor lights that add a bit of drama to the space. Likewise, you can get twinkle lights that are simple and add a soft glow to help you snuggle comfortably in bed with a book and a cuppa!


Wall hanging decor for bedroom


While you layer up the bed with cushions, you can feature some cool art on your wall, or perhaps some chic plant holders. Strings, tassels, ribbons and cutouts add some textural allure to the space. You can amaze your friends and decorate your wall with macrame wall hangingsbespeaking style and finesse. 


Bedroom decor styles

Modern: Your room can blend in various design styles and time periods to create a curated look with the right assortment of colours. 


Scandinavian: This kind of a style is neat, streamlined and pared down. Scandinavian style also incorporates a lot of textures- from natural textiles to raw woods and stone. There is however no room for lacy bedding and floral patterns. 


Bohemian: This is one of those styles with which everything goes. It exudes a carefree spirit while weaving in global textiles and bold colours together. Go for distressed furniture and layer rugs, lines and patterns along with other accessories for an eclectic sensibility. 


Traditional: Rooted in European influence, this incorporates ornate furniture, antiques and relax coolers. Elements like a chandelier, wainscoting and tufted bench often lend a sense of timelessness. 


Bedroom area rug ideas

Shaggy: Shaggy rugs are not only a classic but also supremely cozy. Let’s face it- fluffy and comfy are the new stylish. 


Soft and patterned: You know what’ll soften up an industrial bedroom? A patterned area rug in light, airy colours. It makes the room feel warm and inviting. Patterned rugs also complement Boho styles greatly. 


Dark: If your decor is of a neutral color palette with monochromatic undertones, you’ll love dark rugs.They break up the flow of neural colors but ensure the color of the rug and the bedding go together with the walls for a sophisticated look. 


Material: Woollen rugs and polypropylene/polyester rugs are extremely easy to clean, durable and simple to maintain. So you can eat pizza in bed without having to worry about that slide which lands sauce side up! Jute rugs bring in casual appeal and tranquillity to your decor.


Florals: Florals add some flare to the room making it bright and not-so-boring. They are simple, vintage and elegant. However ensure it goes well with the colouring of the drapery and the flooring too!


Lastly, ensure your bedroom reflects your personality, style and incorporates your favourite colours and patterns. This way you will create your own safe haven that’ll feel like a place you can unwind in. We hope our guide helps you create your own resting space and inspires dreamier slumbers!

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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