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by Zure Australia October 15, 2021 4 min read

Jute rugs are a global favourite and rightly so. They offer unparalleled aesthetic beauty to any and every space they occupy with their rather exotic texture. The natural fibres of a jute rug are durable, sturdy and above all reliable. They come in different shapes and sizes- from rectangularto circle jute rugs- the possibilities are endless.


Everyone embraces their most unique features and characteristics with open arms- their distinctive cluster, natural softness, great eco-story and of course their intriguing woven patterns. They are after all your best natural fibre option to buy. Read on to know more about these rugs that effortlessly add warmth, drama and texture to any space!


What is a jute rug?

Because jute comes from the stalks as opposed to the leaves of the plant, it is a bast fibre. The tropical wet and warmth work the long filers to transform jute into one of the softest natural fibres out there. Yes! Despite its ability to withstand wear and tear remarkably well, it is surprisingly soft and among the plushest of the rugs made of natural fibres. If you enjoy basking in earthy textures and the great outdoors you’ll love jute rugs especially when it comes to leisurely lounging as you unwind and rejuvenate. 


Are jute rugs durable?


In one word- YES. They are durable and long-lasting because they are made from a 100% renewable resource. Your children and pets can easily play about frolicking on the rug without causing any damage to it whatsoever. 


Are jute rugs safe for children and pets?

They are an excellent choice for new parents/pet parents. Jute being a natural fibre is environmentally friendly and free from any harmful toxins. It is also especially known for being anti-static because no one would want their little one to experience any discomfort while crawling for the very first time! Jute rugs are bound to keep you pets and children safe. Since they’re easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about any damage because a simple vacuuming will leave them as good as new. 


How to maintain jute rugs?


Depending on footfall traffic, they only need to be cleaned once or twice a week. While vacuuming you must remember to vacuum from different directions and angles, passing over the area several times. It’s also advisable to keep shoes off the rug and rotate it every six months for even wear. 


How to clean a jute rug?

Wet shampoo, steam cleaning and washing are a strict no-no when it comes to jute rugs. Any process that involves drenching the rug is likely to discolour/damage it for good. If heavily soiled, you may consider having it professionally dry cleaned. 


Because jute has an open weave, most of the dirt is underneath the rug. Hence giving it a good shake often eradicates the dust and dirt that’s embedded into the fibres. If it’s a bright, sunny day you can consider hanging it outdoors for a bit. The sun is one of the most effective and natural deodoriser. Let the rug soak up some Vitamin D to help kill mites.

You can also vacuum it. Be sure to disengage the beater bars after setting an uptight vacuum to the lowest suction setting. Vacuum it in the direction the fibres are woven in. 

You can give it a dry bath with baking soda or a dry rug shampoo. Sprinkle it on the rug, allow it to sit of a couple of hours and vacuum it up. 


Can you washrugs in a washing machine?

Most rugs are machine washable. If they’re made of synthetic fibres or cotton you can throw them in the machine with towels and wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle. It’s best however to avoid getting jute rugs wet because jute shows water marks and stains easily. Use a dry cleaning powder to clean your jute rug. Remember, your washing machine isn’t equipped to deal with stains from flammable substances like combustible solvents and gasoline. 

How to choose a jute rug for your home?


Area: Jute rugs are most suitable for high traffic areas like a foyer or a living room. You should also consider the flooring because natural fibre rugs often tend to glide on wooden floors/smooth tiles. Pick a rug that seamlessly blends with the style and size of the room- go for a rectangular 80x400 rug if it’s for a smaller room while a relatively larger rug (160x230) is suitable for the living room. Be it a flatweave, basketweave or hand-woven jute rugs- the wide range of options means you can’t miss a suitable one!


Layer away: Jute rugs embody a coastal aesthetic that’s on the casual side, you can make them more versatile by layering one with another rug. 


Patterns: While a lot of people prefer jute’s earthy brown natural hue, you can experiment with colourful ones and patterned styles including stripes and chevron. Hand knotted rugs make for great statement pieces. 



There’s something about jute rugs that’s inexplicable! Be it their style, their plush texture or their comfort. Not only are they reliable, they’re exquisite and bound to reflect your own individuality! 

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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