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by Zure Australia February 22, 2022 4 min read

Don’t be in the dark anymore! Today’s outdoor spaces are no longer separate entities. They are extensions of our homes with dining spaces, kitchen equipment, lounging areas and more. With just a little, you can do a lot with these spaces- day into night like lighting.To make the most of outdoor lighting the scheming needs to be carefully considered and exquisitely executed. When done right, it can instantly curb appeal and maintain an inviting appearance after hours. Let the sun go down but your landscape? Always on duty! Let us (ahem) shed some more light on this:


Guide to outdoor lighting

Let’s first take a look at the different types of outdoor lighting before we can decide where to position them for the best effect.


  1. Light fixtures: Emphasises architectural details, lights entryways and driveways while being mounted to surfaces. Flood lights cast a broad beam of high-intensity light to offer top-notch visibility. 
  2. Wall lights (for porch or garage): can be placed next to a porch, at a side door, in front of a garage or on a real wall depending on how one accesses or moves around the building.
  3. Ceiling and hanging lights: Attached to the underside of the ceiling, these can be flush mounted or hanging (pendant) lights.
  4. Post lights: It radiates light in all directions and are positioned in the midst of an expansive area. Solar lights are also increasingly popular these days.
  5. String lights: A series of small light bulbs or lanterns that are more than just holiday lights. They masquerade as party lights and bring life to your deck or patio pretty effortlessly.


A few handy tips and tricks:


  • It’s important to ensure that the style of your outdoor lighting reflects that of your building. You don’t want it sticking out like a sore thumb.
  • It’s always advisable to use more than a single light fixture.
  • Unless they are solar powered, most fixtures will require some kind of electrical wiring. Ensure you’ve considered all your options before you make an informed choice. 
  • Consider the scale of your space too. From a large backyard field to small intimate gardens, the scale will determine the lighting scheme or type you’ll want to install. 


Outdoor lighting and landscaping


Your neighbour’s new landscape lighting makes the yard look almost irresistible. You pass by it on your way to the dark driveway. The lights coming off from your neighbour’s home somehow makes yours seem darker than before. Maybe it’s time to consider installing a few of your own? There are various types of outdoor landscape lights from flood lights to spot lights, from garden lights to bollard lights, the choices are endless. Before you decide to transform your home from a squatting shape in the darkness into a warm welcome with outdoor landscape lighting you’ll need to do some research. Landscape lighting makes the best of what you’ve got by accentuating good architectural features and drawing attention to greater details. Consider listing up pathways with low-voltage, solar powered landscape lights. 


Outdoor lighting and security

Outdoor lighting is a smart, effective addition to your overall home security solution. A well illuminated and lit home is bound to minimise hiding spots, discourage potential intruders and boost your much-needed sense of security. However, the key is to strike the right balance. You don’t want to over-illuminate your home and draw unwanted attention. You may also consider lights that enable motion-sensor or smart capabilities so that you can control the settings remotely. Ensure your lights are placed strategically, consult a professional if necessary. Some areas you might want to consider are: 

  1. Entrances, exits and above doorways
  2. Along driveways and walkways
  3. Patios, decks and other backyard gathering areas
  4. Near landscaping like bushes and trees

Outdoor lighting near hot tub


Are you the proud owner of a hot tub? Let’s look at some ways in which you can add a little light into your garden spa installation to make it more enjoyable and functional! String lights may be your best option because they are easy to install and even easier to enjoy and they make terrific additions to just about any garden space. Fire pits can also be a versatile addition to a garden. Or rock lights to add some illumination in a nonchalant manner. They blend in naturally and can be placed throughout your garden: surrounding the spa or steps, or perhaps in flower beds. Have you considered upping the ante with a few tiki torches or maybe some portable lights perhaps? Think of them like your large outdoor candles and you are on your way to a great, memorable night by the tub!


Outdoor lighting and home decor

Your outdoor lighting scheme has to blend well with your decor. For instance if it’s a Bohemian appeal you are aiming for maybe try some unexpected lighting whimsyin your garden. For a mellow vibe, you can go for recessed lighting that has warmth and cosy written all over it. If your decor screams rustic charm, did you know simple mason jar candles make for a great classic choice? Or you can keep bare bulbs soft for an overall rustic feel. Think wicker and white for shabby chic lighting. For something more exquisite there’s always stunning lanterns with intricate patterns to light the way!


There’s no greater place than your backyard or deck or patio to unwind, entertain and explore. Whether your ideal evening includes bonfire with friends, a meal under the stars or a cosy dipping session by the tub, when you reach your front door a well-lit exterior inevitably paves the way for extraordinary experiences. 


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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