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by Zure Australia May 13, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to integrating rugs into your home's interior design, the little elements can sometimes add far more to the big picture than you might expect. It’s an absolute shame if you don’t recognise the immense potential your living room rug possesses. When spicing things up, interior home designers swear by having different rugs for every season! Don’t believe us?

Not a problem - you don’t have to be au fait with home décor to realise that a simple rug placed strategically in your space can drastically shift the aura of your living room. Rugs not only give personality and colour to a room, but they also add to the overall aesthetic of your home. They can set the tone for any given space and tie a furnishing theme together, whether you need to tidy up your living room or design a space you've recently revamped. Trying to balance design components in your house can be difficult at times, especially if you're combining existing furniture with new additions. Well, the good news is that you can endlessly scroll through a variety of rugs online and choose the perfect rug to buy – all from the comfort of your home. You can also find exclusive deals on rugs on sale from our best-selling collection and get as many as you like!

Round Rugs


If you are planning on an effortless makeover for your living space, throwing in a round rug is as easy as it gets. A rectangular rug is the safest choice, and sometimes boring too. We strongly believe that round rugs are underrated when it comes to sprucing up. Think of it this way, a round rug brings symmetry and flare that is unmatched. Whether it is to soften the harsh dimensions of your room, or to draw a focal point – round rugs do it best. We get it, round rugs definitely seem like tricky waters when it comes to designing your space. Maybe there is a corner that can use some life, or you have a circular coffee table that looks too bland – a round rug can bring about a striking composition. That’s why, we have an assortment of round rugs from modern to vintage, from cotton to wool rugs to match your personal style.


Jute Rugs


Maybe you want to encompass a more organic feel to your living room. A jute rug checks all the boxes in terms of durability, maintainability, sustainability and more. Yes! They are highly cost-effective too. Isn’t that just splendid? Harmonising a rustic impression, it brings soul into any space. Jute rugs are a popular choice for living room areas, making them excellent accent pieces. Made from natural fibres and known for its breathability, they are effortlessly-chic. Thanks to its sturdiness, you can use it in your dining room and kitchen. And here is the biggest advantage - even if you spill something, you can simply blot and clean just using soap and water. Because of its natural, earthy hue, it adds a lightness in the summertime and serves as a snug comforter in the winters. It looks cool in boho interiors as well as elegant traditionalistic homes. Jute rugs can do it all – no matter how unique or unusual your furniture setup is.


Rugs for Dining Room


While you may think that the same rules apply when choosing a rug for your dining space as the rest of your home - making this decision goes beyond just attracting eyeballs. A dining room is the most-used space in any home and choosing a rug is no easy feat. You need a sturdy indoor-outdoor rug that can bear the footfalls and take heavy spills – after all, you don’t want a bummer party if something goes out of the way. It is true that design and colour are primary determiners in enhancing the look of any area, but it is important to remember that the dining table acts as a statement piece. You need a rug that compliments it, and does not distract from it.


Which is why, style is as important as functionality. Layering is simply putting all the elements together to compose a spectacular layout. A beautiful rug that goes perfectly with your table can elevate the look of your dining room. The dining room rug also has to be large enough, you should be able to move chairs in and out of the dining table without their legs catching on the rug.


Now that you have understood the crux of designing, it is time to grab your hands on one. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns – why compromise on impressing your folks?



Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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