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by Zure Australia June 15, 2022 4 min read

Rugs are the best way you can add style to your otherwise boring room. Choose from a range of rugs online and follow these creative ideas to design your space.

Area Rugs: How to Style them?


Whether you're moving into a new place or undergoing a renovation, you'll need to figure out where all of your furniture will go, and one of the most crucial parts in that process is determining the proper placement of any area rugs you intend to use. You don’t have too stress too much, we have got you! We believe that area rugs are an excellent alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting since they are easier to clean and remove. Cleaning is easier than ever and also budget-friendly! Being less of a commitment, you can easily replace one if you get bored with it or want to redecorate. Isn’t that just convenient?

There are certain essential guidelines to follow when it comes to using area rugs in your home. Check out these tips and tricks for using area rugs in your home before you buy.

Shaggy Rugs


Shaggy rugs are a great way to define any space that can use some texture. Because of their softness, shaggy rugs are the best choice if you have toddlers at home. A shaggy rug can instantly harmonise with your décor and lift the aura of your room. It can, in fact, be a fantastic way to update your room and make it more inviting.

Not only this, it adds warmth to the room. If your room is at the ground floor and tends to stay cool during the winters, or if your feet are always ice-cold, shaggy wool rugs will completely change the experience. The warmth of the rug will envelop your feet as you transition from the floor to the rug, making you want to linger there a little longer.

On frigid winter mornings, you may also snuggle up in this comfortable area with your family and spend precious time together. Although they can be placed in areas with a lot of foot traffic, it is preferable to use them where there is minimal interference and no furniture crushing the fibres. This will help the rug last longer, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come.


Small Round Rugs


In our houses, we're surrounded with rectangular objects, walls, and furniture, especially if they're decorated in a modern, industrial approach. It can certainly look very dull and cold. Something that would skilfully soften the space and make any place feel more private, deep, and personal is required in such homes and apartments. That's a job that circular rugs absolutely excel at. If you lay a round rug in a tiny area, no matter what colour or design you choose, it will undoubtedly create the illusion of a larger space. These rugs will open up the space and soften the hard edges of your furniture, making it feel more open, light, and spacious. They are a steal when it comes to decorating specific settings, such as nurseries and study rooms. Small, round rugs especially wool rugs are great for layering and defining spaces, such as establishing a reading nook with your favourite armchair.


Black Rugs


Colour has the ability to drastically affect the aesthetics of a space by eliciting distinct sentiments in people. If used correctly, black can provide a sense of sensuality and sophistication to any area. It creates a bold style statement when matched with the proper contrasting colour.

However, we must ensure that the black colour is balanced by some bright or neutral colours.

Since black has the potential to be a show-stopper, it must be handled with delicacy. It can be elegant and polished rather than drab when coupled with features that contrast and increase its influence. Black living room rugs have been in the fad for a while now. However, to build a nice contrast you can also choose black and white rugs in conjunction to allow a classy look to adorn your space. You can also go for black outdoor rugs to bring in a touch of drama!


Boho Round Rugs


So, you're considering investing in a bohemian area rug for your bedroom? If you like vivid colours, a diversity of patterns, and interesting designs, you should look into boho area rugs.

Bohemian fashion is all about being outspoken, expressive, and relaxed. By being informal, cosy, and comfortable all at the same time, a Boho rug can keep things interesting. A boho rug that is bold and colourful might draw attention to itself while a more neutral-coloured one, on the other hand, might be a great accent to your overall design.

 Area cotton rugs are excellent for soundproofing and insulation along with being an absolute delight when it comes to its aesthetic value. Are you convinced that area rugs can revive your home? We're sure you are!  There a variety of rugs online to pick from as well as cheap rugs that can be fantastic additions to your home. So, give them a shot and see what happens.


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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