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by Zure Australia October 20, 2021 4 min read

Always standing at attention, floor lights are the heroes your living room truly needs and deserves. Lamps and adequate lighting are absolutely crucial to the design aesthetics of your beautiful living room. You don’t need to hear it from us. Floor lamps for living room serve a dual purpose: they serve as decor objects by and in themselves and the light they emit can determine the whole mood of the entire space. Offering both direct task lighting and widespread ambient lighting, floor lights are versatile to suit whatever mood you’re going for.


Here’s a handy checklist for you to consider before purchasing one.


How to choose floor lamp for living room?



From ambient floor lamps to reading, uplight and torchiere floor lamps, there are numerous options at your disposal. Arc floor lamps are also a global favourite offering a bit more versatility. Sizes vary depending on type too. Torchiere or shaded lamps take up less space owing to their vertical orientation. Arc floor lamps take up more space because of their horizontal extension. 



Once you’re ready to start decorating, consider the majority of the activities you’ll be performing in this space. Will you spend most of your time reading or watching the TV? Or will you be sitting on your couching binge-watching cool stuff or working on your laptop? The main reason why you’re keen on a floor lamp must be taken into account. Look around your room and think about how you’ll be using the floor lamp before you make your purchase. 


The kind of light


Floor lamps come in a plethora of styles. Hence, goes without saying, there are a number of lighting options. You can opt for a bright LED floor lamp if your room needs a lot of light or you can go for a more ambient kind of lighting for a small sitting area. For reading you require lower levels of lighting for a softer glow and at a lower height (so it’s at eye level when sitting). For other purposes like entertaining guests, dinner parties and the like, a taller floor lamp will be a smarter choice. 


Additional features

The greatest purpose of floor lights is lighting. But these days many come with other additional features that make your life a little easier. For instance, many LED floor lamps come with remote control settings that let you dim or turn your lights off with just a click. Some also come with shelves attached to help you with your storage needs.


You can also layer your lighting since different lights creates a dimension of lustre. You can go for a mix of floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights to create the perfect symmetry. 


How to place floor lamp in living room?

Location can make or break the decor of your living room. Choosing the right floor lamp also depends on where you’ll be placing it. Since your floor lamp can effortlessly transform a drab corner into the most delightful workspace or reading nook. Ensure you’re not obstructing spaces between steps. A popular way to install it is to place it by an empty bay window to utilise the reflection of the light or by an unassuming, laid-back corner to light it up.


Where to place floor lamp in living room?

Deciding where to place it can be a little daunting. Placing it beside a chair or a couch seems like an obvious choice but are you sure that you’re locked into that? You can put your floor lamp wherever you want- you have the entirety of the space to play with. Ensure the lamp and its cord are out of the way of any foot traffic since it’s your living room. You don’t want people to trip over it every time they walk by. 


Next, you must consider where you want your lighting. Do you want it as a general lighting source that people can use during their mid-night snack trip to the fridge? Or do you want it just on the reading chair? Let’s look at a few options for direct light placements:


Position your floor lamps on either side of the fireplace or a couch to create a focus for the room.


You can place it own one or more corners of the room so that the focus is towards the centre of the room where people can gather and have a nice time.


If you have a board featuring cool art pieces you can put your floor lamp directly under or beside it to draw attention to it.


If you want to create a warm, comfortable and inviting ambience for delightful conversations over drinks and food you can place your floor lamp between two chairs. 


If there’s a reading chair in the room you can place your lamp beside it with the bottom of the shade at eye level to reduce eye strain.


Don’t hesitate to place a lamp around your TV because it can actually help to soften the contrast caused by the screen’s bright light.


When it comes to task lighting, it’s fairly simple. You have to place the lamp beside the work area. 


If you think you didn’t get it right the first time don’t worry too much. The best part about floor lamps is they can be easily repositioned in your living room! We hope our guide helped you find the right one for your dream house. 




Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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