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by Zure Australia March 17, 2022 4 min read

For years interior trends have been used as reliable aesthetic aids in our attempts to make a home out of a house, to find a safe haven that reflects the kind of inner peace we strive to achieve everyday. Take the Japanese practice of wabi sabi or the Chinese art of feng shuifor instance. It’s no secret that our immediate surroundings exert a direct, oft explicit influence on our overall well being and health. So it’s no wonder that in 2022- the third consecutive year in a global pandemic, the top interior trends are focused on making us feel mentally and emotionally at ease.


If your new year’s resolution was to give your home a serious makeover and you haven’t gotten around to it yet, there’s still time. And this is the perfect place to get inspired! 


Furniture trends 2022


The top living room furniture trends so far this year are minimalistic furnishings with a geometric twist. We are seeing a lot of strategic revealing and concealing, adding a bit of drama in the home space with open grids, eccentric mesh glass and semi-transparent materials being incorporated into furnishings, cabinetry and even room dividers. Another popular design for fixtures that’s likely to stay is more matter finishes and less shine and all things marble! Curved furniture with soft lines is also a trend that’s moving upwards. This year has also seen a return to solids and earthy tonesbecause the preceding years have seen a lot of color, pattern and pastels so much so that now people are ready for a palette cleanser. 


Home Lighting with LED

LED smart bulbs were a major game changer when they were first introduced and they’ve only become smarter since then. This year has seen, unsurprisingly, home lighting with LED fixtures to becoming a global favourite because they let you set the ambience in your home, transforming a daytime home office for instance into a cosy evening sanctuary like no other.


Customising the lighting on your space as per your needs also helps you save on energy bills! Another big trend for home offices this year is integrated strip lighting. It hardly takes up any space and mimics natural light. Since the bed is an easy target for lighting, accent lighting around the headboard is also a great choice!


Kitchen design trends 2022

With 2021, we’ve bid goodbye to all-white kitchens! This year, neutral tones paired with bold colours like rich reds, deep greens and blues have continued to be a go-to color scheme for most. Most homeowners while opting for keeping most of their space very calm also simultaneously have taken to introducing strong colours for a bit of interest. A lot of people are also incorporating textures like wood tones but less hardware in kitchens while playfully exploring countertop options. 2022 is also the year where tiled treatments as a medium is front and centre in the kitchen.


Last, the details are in…the details! Backsplashes, countertop materials, cabinet coolers and the like might transform your kitchen in a snap but it’s the smaller finishing touches that make your space feel all the more special. Brushed gold, nickeland bronze are making a comeback. To integrate the look keep the finishing details neutral. And if you want to add a pop of colour later you can do that with vibrant dinnerware or dish towels. 


Bathroom design trends 2022

A bathroom interior design trend that is continuing is that of biophilia- the love for natural elements like pampas grass and houseplants that help you create a calming spa-like sanctuary. Standout cabinets with illuminated mirrors and matching vanities are the ‘it’ home accessory this year. People are always crazy for deliciously decorative accessories and cabinets to gather their favourite well-care items especially when they’re in haste. While a lot of people are combining textures, colours and materials and embracing a lot of movement within the space in terms of textures and hues, matte black fixtures have been having a moment. Tallboys are another addition that people have welcomed with open arms to accomplish spa aesthetics in bathrooms. They are keeping bathrooms free of clutter and lean and simple to provide a place of respite. 


The pandemic reality have made homes to be the main settings of our lives-where we sleep, work and socialise. Every nook and cranny, every object we bring in and are surrounded by must serve some purpose in this new reality. It could be a functional one or an emotional one. In an introspective stance people are examining what they love and they will want to live with every day and for years to come. Some popular design choices of the last few years are on their way out. Useful everyday objects with personality are replacing futile and now redundant decorations that have neither meaning nor purpose and rightly so. These trends are on the rise and are proving to be Insta-worthy looks you’ll certainly want to replicate. It’s never too late to be a trend setter! 





Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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