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by Zure Australia January 26, 2022 4 min read


You’ve renovated your bathroom, you’ve ensured it’s not timid but on trend and right now it looks so grand that curious eyes stare longingly at it from across the room. While you enjoy it thoroughly you also want to ensure that it is adding value to your property. Space is often tight in a bathroom so much so that you need to optimise storage capacity with something that’s lovely in looks but also savvy in space. If it’s a cluttered mess it is not only an embarrassing eyesore but also a menacing source of concern for you. Because traditionally bathrooms are much smaller spaces and so storage solutions are a challenge. Enter a Tallboy.


Why do you need a Bathroom Tallboy in 2022?


When it comes to storage solutions, a tallboy stands head and shoulders above all the rest. You don’t have to walk to another room to get yourself a towel. You also don’t have to bother with getting makeup and toiletries all over the bathroom vanity. The sleek, almost divine design sensibility of a tallboy makes it a bathroom must have this year and we know you agree!


When your bathroom is properly organised, it’s much easier to speed things up especially if you’re in a hurry. Besides, tallboys really help declutter your bathroom space to give you and your bathroom a lot of breathing space so that you can kickstart your day on your own terms. In short, it ensures you get a pleasant getting to work and getting to bed experience.


They add unparalleled bathroom aesthetics while offering the ultimate luxurious feel. Some come in colors, are sleek, they are shiny, they allow toiletries to be kept out of sight and culminates in an inviting vibrant functional space. 


Tallboys also help maximise floor space compared to normal shelving units or dressers that often require a large amount of floor space to be sacrificed for just a moderate gain in storage space. Instead of being a free standing unit these can also be fixed to a wall too thereby allowing certain items to be stored underneath. 


Are you living in a big fat family but are too tired of leaving your damp towels and dressing gowns hanging on the back of the door, exposed for everyone to see because there’s never enough space in the cabinet? Or worse you witness damp towels and dressing gowns hanging on the back of the door every time you enter the bathroom? Say hello to the trendiest bathroom cabinet in Australia this year. You can actually share bathrooms with other members of your family and still enjoy your own personal space. Now that’s a bargain, right?


Types of bathroom cabinets you need to check out this year

Tallboys come in different shapes, sizes and configurations (like everything else in life)! You need to acquaint yourself with detailed insights on the different kinds of tallboys so that you make a smart and informed choice. 


Wallhung Bathroom Tallboy


These come with clean and compact wall mounted designs that are ideal for bathroom when you’re tight on space. Not only do they effortlessly create an illusion of space because they’re technically floating but they also catch the eye instantly. Practical and stylish, wall hung bathroom tallboys are perfect for bathrooms in need of storage without being too invasive. Thanks to their high design, wall hung tallboys offer valuable cupboard store for hiding away bathroom essentials without it occupying too much space. 


White Tallboy

When you bring in stylish accents like a sleek, minimal Noosa white tallboy with clean lines and smoother finish your bathroom comes to life. It’s the ideal way to refresh your space in the new year and a trend that’s worth keeping on your radar in 2022. White Tallboys let your bathrooms shine especially if you have things to show off like a bold wallpaper, arched mirror details and other design sensibilities. 


Black Tallboy


All things black have been having a moment and we are bound to see more of this trend in 2022. If you combine a Marlo black tallboy with ornamented fixtures in gold tone or metal, you’ll get yourself a plush bathroom that’s hard to come by. While associated with the boho look mostly, these stand alone ad can work nicely with both traditional and modern aesthetics. 


Oak Tallboy


Give dated wood cabinetry a fresh spin with an Oak Tallboy. A Byron oak tallboyadd a touch of warmth and bathe your bathroom space in refreshing tones to reinforce that effect. Oak tallboys also open up opportunities to incorporate a pop of color to your bathroom. Lighting contributes to the aesthetics of the ambience too so ensure to include fixtures that complement it. 


Grey Tallboy

Grey Tallboys exhibit a fusion of timeless stylish and modern sensibility, they are ideal for seamless integration to any and every decor theme in your space of retreat. They come with smooth, unadorned surface that promises elegance without needless clutter while the compact silhouette allows you to bring in your very own configuration no matter the size of your space. 


Whether your bathroom renovation project demands elegant styling, classic designs or modern sensibility, a tallboy will not only seamlessly fit into list of must haves but is also bound to make a statement. Bring in a truly unique centrepiece to your translational bathroom with a tallboy this year and leave no room for regrets! (Or clutter)!

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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