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by Pei Wen Tan April 20, 2021 4 min read

What to consider when choosing your wall hung vanity

There are many decisions to make when you undertake your bathroom renovation. From your shower or bath configuration to your wall hung vanity, it can be tough to decide what fixtures and fittings you want in your home.

Deciding between a floor standing or wall hung vanity is one of the decisions you’ll have to make when redoing your bathroom. There are many choices for this space – some people may opt for a washstand and a recessed mirror cabinet.

The classic choice is a floor standing model, but installing a wall hung vanity has become more popular due to its minimalistic style. Its simple installation is seamless and contributes to your bathroom’s modern feel.

Even after making the decision to go with a wall hung vanity, there are many options on the market today. From brick and mortar stores to e-commerce platforms, your choices are unlimited. It’s easy to find the right wall hung vanity for your home, but there are factors you need to consider.

Colour, style, budget, configuration, size, and the type of sink you want, are all things to think about when choosing your wall hung vanity. It’s a good idea to think about your decision in the context of your entire bathroom.

Having a vision in mind for your space can make the decision a lot easier, as your bathroom should be cohesive in terms of style and practicality. Keep reading to find out what you should consider when choosing your wall hung vanity.


When deciding on the colour of your wall hung vanity, think about the colour scheme of your space. Have you decided to go completely minimal and opt for all-white? Or do you want to add some wood tones in your space?

What colour hardware do you want your fixtures and fittings to be? These are all questions which will inform you on what colour to choose, so that your space has a cohesive aesthetic.

There are many different colours to choose from, from matte black, grey, white, different wood tones, or even more eclectic colours like blues or mint green.

Aside from the colour of the wall hung vanity itself, you’ll also have to consider the colour of the handles. These can range from matte black to metallic shades. You should think about what other hardware colours are present in your bathroom and consider matching these for a more cohesive space.

Whatever you choose, if you want a space that is pleasing to the eye, it’s advisable that you consider how the colours you choose for all the products in your bathroom work together. You don’t want to have clashing shades and regret decisions down the line, so keep this in mind.


Budget is never a fun topic to consider, but it’s vital if you want a successful bathroom renovation. Keeping tabs on how much you’re spending is important if you don’t want to run up costs that put you in debt.

With so many choices in the market today, you can easily find a wall hung vanity that fits within your budget. Doing your research and price matching can help you find the best deal for your purchase. Keeping an eye out for sales or special discounts when also help you get an item at a lower cost.

Purchasing a wall hung vanity can run up costs from around $500 to over $1000 so it’s definitely not a purchase decision to take lightly. Added on top of other fixtures and fittings such as shower screens and bathtubs, the costs can easily accumulate, so it’s important that you consider your budget when choosing your wall hung vanity.


What kind of configuration do you want for your wall hung vanity? There are many options to choose from, from a simply two-drawer model to doors – or both. This choice can depend on what you want to store in this space.

If you want to store items that are relatively tall, going for a door option is advisable as you have a taller space to fit products such as large shower gel or shampoo bottles. It all depends on what works best for you and your household.


The size of your wall hung vanity will typically depend on the size of your bathroom. Choosing something that is proportional for your space is important for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

If you have a smaller space, but still want more storage, you can opt for a recessed mirrored cabinet to add that extra storage space, while still choosing a wall hung vanity that is suited for your bathroom.

Sizes typically range from lengths of 600mm to 1500mm.If you have a larger space, you can consider installing a longer vanity, such as something around the 1500mm length, and you can also fit in two sinks and mirrors for a his and hers set up.

Built-in sink or counter top basin?

When installing your wall hung vanity, you should also consider the type of sink that you want for your bathroom. Would you prefer an in-built or counter top basin? Again, this comes down to the style that you want your bathroom to emulate.

Most in- built sinks tend to be a classic white, which works well for a minimalist and clean aesthetic. With counter-top basins, there are numerous options, from metallic shades to matte shades such as pinks or grayscale options.

Aside from colour, you’ll also have to choose the shape that you want for your basin. From rectangular, square, oval, or circular, this decision can depend on the shapes already present in your bathroom.

If you have a circular mirror, you might want to match the aesthetic by opting for a circular sink, and vice versa for rectangular. The size and depth of your sink is also important. If you wash your face a lot, opting for a deeper basin can stop the splashback.

There are many things to consider when choosing your wall hung vanity. Factors such as price, colour, size, configuration and whether you want a built-in or counter top basin all contribute in finding the right model for your bathroom.

Pei Wen Tan
Pei Wen Tan

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