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by Zure Australia August 03, 2022 4 min read

Have too many things to keep but no space? Fix your storage problem with a handy tallboy in your bathroom and say goodbye to your worries!

Easy bathroom storage ideas and solutions you simply can’t miss!

Top-notch bathroom storage solutions are absolutely crucial to create a relaxing atmosphere when you have “to-go”. Don’t believe us? Well, no one wants a cumbersome experience of cradling a toilet-paper when having to relieve yourself! It can be chaotic and incredibly annoying to use the restroom if you don't have enough place for your belongings.

When there is only chaos, a well-stocked tallboy bathroom cabinet would bring order; not just physically, but mentally as well, so we aren't confused about things like what shampoo I'll need next or how many toilet rolls can I fit before having to run to the store. Sure, toilet paper holders do help. But by providing us something else to focus on that isn't as annoying, tallboy drawers give us some reprieve from our sensory overload (much needed!).

The greatest tallboy bathroom cabinets give you the impression that your disorder is under control and well-organized.

When we get up and get moving before heading to work, the morning ritual is more pleasant since the racks are clean and the bottles stay neatly stacked on their sides, rather than falling over or spilling everywhere.

Imagine a hot day and you run to your bathroom to splash some water on your face. Oh no! How do you keep your shades dry and free from those pesky water stains? Even if it's only putting sunglasses away after you've used them, having the conviction that everything has its place aids us in starting the day in a positive state of mind. Which is why, having a tallboy in your bathroom is a definite saviour. We promise!

What is a tallboy?


The ideal method to make the most of your space and give the impression that the little bathroom has more space is with a tallboy bathroom cabinet. A lovely white tallboy unit with its separate drawers can be a distinguishing feature in your bathroom. With its vertical stature it contrasts well with horizontal lines that your vanity and bathtub create. Having fun with shapes is amazing. Just as an oval mirror can break the monotony of your bathroom, a tallboy creates an illusion of a spacious bathroom.

Along with being able to manage your bathroom essentials, you can place a tallboy anywhere you feel like. A tallboy oak in colour will sit well as a delightful piece of décor that pulls everything together. Similarly, a tallboy black goes with almost any décor style so you don’t have to worry about it standing out like a sore thumb! Tallboy with drawers are neat utilitarian tools, and you can store all your little knick-knacks that keep getting lost.  

How big is a tallboy?

Tallboys come in all shapes and sizes from tallboy slim and tallboy narrow to tallboy thick, we’ve got it all. How much storage do you actually need is the first thing you should consider when looking at different size options for tallboys. Everyone believes they want a lot, but once their bathroom items have been cleared out (Marie Kondo style!) and they can see what is still there, many people realise there isn't much left to utilise all those empty shelves. Consider the tallboy’s design or aesthetic; if tall bottles will predominate, choose cabinets with higher ceilings because they fit better in spaces with more space.

We like to store our belongings in the bathroom, it is one space we want absolutely spotless! However, as the case rests with any other room in the house, it's essential to know what storage requirements best match your personality and home décor style before spending money on them. Otherwise, all those purchases can just end up taking up a lot of unnecessary space. You don’t want to end up with a cramped-up bathroom just because there is never enough space for your stuff!

There is one easy way to avoid this. Consider the type of storage you need; shallow drawers won't work well if there are many tall bottles or piles, instead, look at cabinets with plenty of depth (requiring fewer shelves), or baskets placed within dresser drawers to increase the number of cubby places. Narrow tallboys can fit in almost any nook and cranny of your bathroom, which is such a wonderful thing especially tallboys with drawers. Thanks to slim tallboys being in the fad, you can have a little extra space without overwhelming yourself.

What are you waiting for? The tempting appearance of tallboy units is incredibly adaptable and is sure to resound in style across bathrooms with a variety of aesthetics. When it comes to modernising your bathroom's décor, a tall bathroom storage unit is an absolute no-brainer because of its striking visual appeal and optimum functionality – both in one single unit! You can also match your vanity or shaving cabinet with these alluring tallboy cupboards and amp up the oomph in your life.


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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