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by Zure Australia July 20, 2022 4 min read

Bring a sense of aura and sophisticated charm with these dark bathroom décor ideas that you simply can’t miss! Choose from a selection of elegant bath vanities.

Bathroom Color Schemes

Surfing for modern bathroom ideas? We’ve got you covered. Bathrooms don't have to be clinical, sterile, or boring. Too frequently, we own a room with harsh, polished surfaces and uninteresting tiles orbathroom vanity designs from constructors or former owners. However, there is no reason why the bathroom shouldn't be as hospitable and comfortable as the other rooms in the house.

When it comes to first-timer home designers, choosing a neutral palette can seem like the safe choice. We get it, you don’t want to make a choice that is pretty on the eyes but does not seem like it reflects your style. Dark bathrooms have a brave, powerful appearance and create a strong fashion statement by conjuring up images of style and mystery. Your bathroom has an eerie, which also gives it an emotive, dramatic vibe. It doesn't need to be at all gloomy—just add lots of useful light or use natural light.

The all-white or light neutral bathroom with white bathroom vanity has definitely given way to bathrooms with deep shades. Now you can choose yourbathroom vanity online for creating a dark bathroom with the help of this guide.

Bathroom Vanity Colors

You should choose a colour for yourbathroom vanity or bath cabinets along with an overall design theme, which can range from modern and conventional to bohemian, rustic chic, and tropical. Think about the wall colour, the sort of flooring and tile you're using, other fixtures and finishes, and the colour of the walls. Start by selecting the appropriate dark paint and/or tile colours from a brooding colour scheme of nearly-blacks, deep browns, subdued greys, and inky blues.

Choose one essential darker shade and use your other surface textures and colours to accent it, unless you are going for the all-black bathroom appearance.

Take into account colour scheme of the rest of your home, you might not want it to stand out too much either! If you've decided to go with darker walls, the design rule of thumb is that your other surfaces should have a different tone to provide character and aesthetic intrigue. Subtle, industrial colours go amazingly well with gold or silver accents to compliment the darker shade.

Because managing reflections, lighting, and so-called lustrous balance—basically, the contrast between shiny and matte elements—is the key to a great dark bathroom.

Black Bathroom Vanities

Choose dark or black statement bathroom vanities to embrace the gloomy bathroom theme even if you don't want to darken your walls or floors. Darker coloured pieces entirely alter the appearance rather than using conventional, practical white sanitaryware. Why hold back on the drama and sass?

Keep the remainder of the space basic and understated, letting statement pieces do the talking. Metallic and sombre, gritty surface treatments should be liberally added to produce a complex monochromatic palette that is lively and visually captivating. For modern dark bathrooms, use tile, raw concrete, or darker-toned natural stones for the walls to give an illusion of a rough texture.

You can also include the stone basin withmatte black bathroom vanity for a gorgeous look. Surfaces and fixtures that are highly reflecting and glittering, whether they are made of metal, glass, or other polished materials can definitely achieve this. Raise the oomph factor with a strategically placed bathroom mirror that can add a little lustre to the monochrome bathroom theme.  To ensure you have enough lighting, illuminate the dark walls tile a backlit mirror. There is nothing wrong with a little glam, isn’t it?

Oak vanities

Oak bathroom vanity is a material that works nicely in a dark bathroom because of its inherently sombre colour. You can opt for a matte black, natural oak bathroom vanity if you are into a dark academia vibe! Dark hues and wood texture can produce an arresting appearance. Oak vanities are great because not only do they look classy, but are functional and durable as well. Not only this, a maroon area rug contrasts nicely with the black, oak cabinet finish to give you that royal look. For an Asian, dark bathroom look, you can use red as your accent colour in contrast with your matte black bathroom décor.

Dark grey bathroom

Dark grey serves as the ideal blank canvas for the ever-changing colour pops you may add with decorations and bath items. Dark grey bathroom vanities tend to look smoother and more sensual than white standout pieces. The contrast becomes even more crucial when choosing a deeper colour palette to break up the regularity of the gloom. Which is why, don’t shy away from incorporating plenty of greens in your bathroom space. Modern grey bathrooms use a lot of plants to spruce up things. Bohemian or contemporary industrial chic, both heavily rely on different shades of grey to balance the pieces in your bathroom.

A minimalist, uncomplicated approach works best in a dark bathroom since it makes it easier on the eye to focus on fewer objects and design aspects.

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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