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by Zure Australia May 12, 2020 2 min read

We all spend countless hours in front of the bathroom mirror throughout out our lives, so it is important to pick a mirror that suits your lifestyle and compliments the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

There are endless combinations of shapes and sizes available, so there is no one universal style.

In saying that, today we are going to go over the main options and ideas that you should take into account when selecting a bathroom mirror.


As a guideline, bathroom mirrors should not be any wider than the vanity and only need to be 30cm above and below the straight line of sight of whoever will be using the mirror whilst still being at least 1.2 to 2m off the ground level. It is important that everyone in the household will be able to use the mirror. Keeping that in mind, it should be noted that if the mirror is placed too low it may require additionally cleaning from potential splash back from your sink.

If you were after a mirror that was the exact same length as your vanity you would have to either buy a matching vanity and mirror set or get a mirror customised to the appropriate length. In certain cases you can also opt for mirror that is roughly 70-80% of the width of the vanity and install a wall light on the sides to provide better lighting. 

There are many exceptions to this of course, such as bathrooms that have double sinks as they can either have one long mirror or double mirrors over their respective sinks.

Alternatively you can also offset a single bowl and still have double mirrors for a more balanced look.


As there are endless different shapes of bathroom mirrors as well, such as square, rectangular, circular, oval, or even hexagonal! If you are looking for something different why not try a more unique shaped bathroom mirror? Or if you know what you want then you could also go for a custom sized bathroom mirror.

Frame style

Modern bathroom mirrors are considered as aesthetic decor items, especially when they have elaborate designs and finishes. Alternatively, a simple wooden frame can create a nice balance for almost any bathroom

For a more modern or contemporary look, frameless mirrors are a popular option. They can still be stylish while also not breaking the bank. Frameless mirrors are also available as functional mirrors such as a smart bathroom mirror or a LED bathroom mirror. Back lit LED bathroom mirrors allow for a more even distribution of light and make a great decorative piece for your bathroom.

Mirror Cabinets

If you're looking to maximise your space in that bathroom a mirror cabinet or a mirror shaving cabinet could be the best option for your! Mirror shaving cabinets can be recessed into the wall to provide a concealed storage area hidden behind mirror doors.

Wall hung mirror shaving cabinets can also work well when they are frameless and have under cabinet lighting to allow for better illumination of your bathroom sink. This will eliminate any shadows caused from the wall hung mirror shaving cabinet and create an illusion of a vast sink area. 

Now the decision remains with you to decide what you would like for your bathroom!

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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