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by Pei Wen Tan September 16, 2020 4 min read

Five styles which inspire bathware designs

The way you choose to decorate and fit your bathroom is highly dependent on what look you want to go for. For this, you should consult the interior design styles and decide which look you prefer. However, you could also choose to mix styles and create a personalised space.

The following five styles are extremely popular in the world of interior design, and they can provide some inspiration for the process of deciding what kind of aesthetic suits your tastes. While these styles are not the be all end all, they definitely can provide some insight for what is currently trending.

These styles inspire bathware designs, so if you’re looking at renovating or even just upgrading certain aspects of your bathroom, it is definitely a good idea to consult them. It’ll be a task finding the right items to suit the look you choose, but that task is often enjoyable as you’ll be searching for the items that live in your home and populate the area around you.

There are many options for you to purchase products from, both online and in-store. You might want to consider the inspire bathware range, which has multiple options for your fittings and fixture needs. Continue reading for inspiration on bathroom looks!



Minimalism is fairly straightforward: it’s a style that operates based on having a minimal amount of furniture, and thus, less clutter. It’s all about clean lines and practicality, which can definitely influence bathware designs.

You may choose to have slim, one-toned fixtures in order to maintain this clean aesthetic. Choosing two tones of colour to dominate your interior is a good way to keep things looking neat. Having one colour inspire bathware fixtures across your entire bathroom will give you the results you desire if you’re aiming for a minimal look.

The purpose of minimalism is to invest in quality fittings which provide you with a high level of functionality without losing the ‘clean’ aesthetic. As such, you should look at purchasing multi-purpose items or products with hidden storage.

Mid-century modern

This style is for you if you enjoy the design styles of the mid-1900s. Mid-century modern refers mainly to the 1950s and 1960s, and the aesthetic that populated design during this time. It combines some aspects of minimalism and retro and emphasises seamless transition from interior to exterior.

Mid-century modern likes clean lines, different materials, and organic curves. It is an understated and classic aesthetic and often juxtaposes the old with the new, in using traditional and non-traditional materials.

Mid-century modern can inspire bathware decisions, such as using a mix of metals and materials. You can choose to style your area by choosing items which contrast in an aesthetically pleasing way.



The industrial style imitates the effect of a warehouse or urban loft. It is all about unfinished design and raw edges, in order to create a rustic feel. Many industrial spaces would incorporate exposed brick, wood, and ductwork.

A departure from the typical bathroom designs, an industrial style would incorporate more brickwork and wood, to achieve a ‘raw’, unfinished feel to the space. While it’s not for everyone, choosing to have a bathroom decorated with an industrial style will definitely set you apart.

You may choose to have an exposed brick wall or wooden beams in order to create this effect. The industrial style can inspire bathware designs that are unique and a stand-out.

Other ways to create an industrial feel include dangling metal light fixtures, a bit of abstract photography or art, and sticking to a neutral colour palette.


Modern and contemporary are two styles that are often used interchangeably, for good reason – as they are quite similar. If you like simple colour palettes and clean lines, these might be the aesthetics which inspire bathware in your home.

The use of materials such as metal, glass, and steel is common amongst these two styles. The discrepancy between modern and contemporary is that contemporary describes design based on the moment, while modern refers to the overall period.

Both aesthetics are quire clean and sleek, but contemporary is more fluid and adheres less to one particular look – for instance, while contemporary may include curving lines, modern does not. Either way, such aesthetics are very common to find in the bathroom, and will definitely assist you in finding a look that transcends time.

If this is the style you are seeking for, there are a multitude of options out there for you. Bathroom designs tend to be sleek in nature, due to the typical look of appliances and fixtures. However, if you prefer something a bit more loud, that’s definitely doable. Just remember that it’s your space to freely express your own personality in.



Bohemian is a popular design style that is gaining more traction as people seek to differentiate themselves from the prevailing trends of modern and contemporary aesthetics. The general bohemian vibe is to live carefree, and follow your heart’s desire.

Some aspects of bohemian homes are vintage furniture, culturally inspired textiles, collections, and products sourced from markets and travels. A way to incorporate a bohemian look into your bathroom would be to invest in a few decorations, such as small art pieces and a fun light fixture.

Using a mix of textiles through a unique bath rug or hand towels could also help you in achieving this bohemian vibe. You may choose to opt for rustic bath fittings to achieve a more vintage look, and mix and match different pieces for a laidback, anything-goes look.

Whatever style you choose to select to inspire bathware in your home, it’ll be a success as long as you invest in pieces that you genuinely love. Remember that quality beats cost, and that these fittings will generally be a part of your home for a long time.

Don’t be afraid to deliberate and take your time in choosing the pieces that you want for your home. And while sticking to one aesthetic is a general rule, don’t be afraid to think out of the box and customise your area to suit whatever you want.

Pei Wen Tan
Pei Wen Tan

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