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by Zure Australia March 30, 2022 4 min read

We are sure you already have plenty of reasons for loving bathroom mirrors. But here are a few more: They always let you know if something’s stuck in your teeth, they deliver endless aesthetic capacity, they never judge you (or your friends) for staring wide eyed.

For every shape, style and size there’s a bathroom mirror. And when you do happen to stumble upon the right one it can contribute marvellously a sense of spaciousness making the smallest of bathrooms look bigger, breathe fresh new designs into your walls, enhance natural light (better even if you purchase an illuminated mirror!). It’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror with these bathroom mirror ideas that’ll elevate your space. 


Folded corner mirror

We love a soothing dramatic cornered moment in the bathroom, not to mention sticking to a single tone color scheme will make the design process much easier. Besides, folded corner mirrors are far from boring! If your awkward corner is just sitting there feeling left out, transform it into something super cool with a vanity and a mirror. And mornings will never be the same again.


Shaving cabinets with mirrors


If you’re a little short on storage in the bathroom, a mirrored cabinet is a no brainer. Symmetry is the new cool so go for rectangular, sleek and chic mirrors that double up as shaving cabinets. It will streamline grooming routines and allow you to keep your finest toiletries, perfumes and shaving paraphernalia handy. Go for simple, rustic frames that highlight other more striking details and features. Better if you can combine it with dark grooved drawers to make it truly pop. 


Double Mirrors


Double sinks always call for double mirrors. They make your room feel larger and add a touch of sophisticated glam that’s hard to resist. Symmetry adds so much of dimension in a room, angular double mirrors placed side by side help you to go crazy with bathroom lighting ideas while effortlessly communicating style. Add some color with other accessories, go for matching vanities that complement your mirror and get set for the days of shower lives! 


Mirror shapes 

You always have the option of veering away from the other conventional rectangular and circular mirrors to try something more interesting. However ensure it sits well with your overall decor scheme and style. For instance, eccentric shapes sing in complete sync with the rustic or bohemian styles. They are also more ideal for powder rooms than master bathrooms. To go with your curved mirror and your great personality, you can check out sink surfaces with a chic curvature too. The space will be the perfect blend between elegant and on-trend. 


Circular bathroom mirror


Did you know that circular bathroom mirrors are having a moment in the design world? There’s something about them that has laid-back, easy going and playful written all over them. Yet they are stylish and intriguing. Especially if you’re aiming to hit the contemporary farmhouse vibe, go for a round hanging mirror that will switch up the sale quotient and storage capacity of your bathroom. 


Oval bathroom mirrors 

Classic double mirrors with double sinks can never go out of style. But, there’s a catch this time. They are oval. The pill shaped mirrors are gaining momentum because they let you pick a motif and stick it for easy and effortless aesthetic. How do you reflect rounded sink basins? By installing oval mirrors ofocurse! 


Ornamental mirrors

Looking for ways to add an extra punch of personal style? Well, you are looking in the right place! Whether you want to go for bold and colourful, gilded and glitzy, or just elaborate and decorate, you can always get yourself a truly ornamented unique mirror to make a statement. Let each detail of your shiny mirror boast a modern, fresh interpretation. The best part? It doesn’t have to be gigantic to truly inspire. You can easily go for something small but big enough for your space and functionalities. 


The Lit Mirror


Illuminated mirrorsmake makeup application and grooming so much easier and stylish. LEDs radiate a soft, gentle light that’s ideal for your daily glow-up sessions. More and more people these days are going for modern, artful lighting instead of over-the-top chandeliers. Without dressing down the entire space, frameless mirrors combined with earthy elements like greens and plants, stoned bared walls, bring in a down-to-earth sense of grit that’s hard to come by. 


Just because your bathroom is tight on space, doesn’t mean you can’t have a mirror to stare at all day along. We truly because if there’s a narcissist there’s a way. Jokes apart, we know for a fact that these designs- some more modern than retro and some more retro than modern, are guaranteed to bring in style and space. They also tap into your bathroom’s existing aesthetic without compromising on trend. If you’re looking for top-notch and state-of-the-art mirrors, check out Zure and stay on trend. 


Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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