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by Zure Australia May 09, 2022 4 min read

“No thanks, I don’t think I need extra storage in my bathroom” said no one ever. You know we are not exaggerating when we say, recessed shaving cabinets as well as wall-hung ones can be that one-step refinement solution your bathroom needs and deserves. If chosen smartly, some can even save money and space by doing two jobs at once! Since you are reading this (and haven’t stopped yet) you’re on the lookout for a space to tuck away those shaving gels and night creams or even toothbrushes.


Even if you have enough vanity space, the toothpaste and brushes will keep appearing next to the sink without a shaving cabinet in the bathroom, which means more stains to clean for you. This might be reason enough for you to consider ditching a simple mirror for a shaving cabinet. We did a little digging and found the most affordable and trendy homes for your toiletries all of which will elevate your bathroom but none of which will burn a hole in your pocket.


Shaving Cabinets with Mirror


From giving you a place to fix your hair and makeup to keeping your medicines, toothpastes, lotions, shaving cabinets with mirror have a tough job ahead of them. That’s why Zure designs them to be heat and humidity resistant. A shaving cabinet with mirror is basically all the goodness of mirrors packed with the perks of additional storage. If your bathroom is low on space, a shaving cabinet above the sink is an absolute no-brainer. If your bathroom is spacious, a shaving cabinet is an absolute necessity lest all that space gets lonely without something to share it with.

The Marlo Mirror Shaving Cabinet from Zure is elegance exemplified by its matte black veneer. With multiple size options (600mm,750mm, 900mm&1200mm), it can make any bathroom feel open and roomy. Alternatively, you can go for the Byron Mirror Shaving Cabinet 1200 MM with its natural, moisture-resistant oak built. The neat design lets you see your reflection each time in a space bespeaking elegance. Available with polished edges, easy closing doors, and abundant shelving space, this unit is an answer to all your storage needs. Round shaving mirror cabinets have also been the latest talk of the town!


Bathroom Cabinets with Sink


Tell us about a better piece of furniture than a bathroom cabinet with sink that keeps your bathroom (and by extension your mind) clutter-free all day every day. We’ll wait. Imagine all those hectic mornings without a bathroom cabinet streamlining all your toiletries such as towels, makeup, bath products, etc. If you’ve been shuddering just at the very thought of at get yourself a stylish companion that shows you your best self always. Team your bathroom cabinets with matching vanities to make them the most iconic duo ever. Whatever your décor theme or scheme may be, there isn’t a matching vanity-cabinet duo at Zure that won’t hit the mark.

The Byron Mirror Shaving Cabinet 900MM Natural Oak is a multipurpose storage solution, crafted with superlative moisture-resistant natural oak plywood. The minimalistic unit bespeaks elegance when paired with Vanity Byron Wall Hung 900MM Natural Oak which streamlines the sink and slicks up your bathroom like nothing else. From more rustic, earthy cabinets on one hand to more contemporary, industrious ones and anything in between, the exhaustive range at Zure will gives everyone a run for their money!


Shaving Cabinets with Light


The only way to have a functional mirror setup is to install good lighting fixtures. Extra lighting is always useful in the bathroom, and even when there’s a dearth of natural lighting in the bathroom, grooming can never take the backseat! When there is a space crunch, mirrored shaving cabinets with light come in particularly handy with their dual-use. Tap into the true potential of your bathroom and transform it into a rejuvenation parlour with shaving cabinet with light that take care of all your self-care needs without demanding any extra space.

The Noosa Shaving Cabinet 900MM with Optional Led comes built with abundant bathroom cabinet storage so you don’t have to compromise on floor space. With an additional mirror on the interior of the door, it truly makes your grooming needs look effortless.

Alternatively, go for the chic Archie Shaving Cabinet 900MM with Optional LED which is simultaneously elegant as well as low maintenance. The magnetic LED light strip with multiple setting options such as Cool White, Daylight White & Warm White is an answer to all your lighting needs.

Off-set basins, high end but contrasting color schemes and dramatic pairings, there is so much you can do with bathrooms! A storehouse of style capacity and sleek design, shaving cabinets are the answer to all your storage needs. Endowed with the unique feature of blending in with a traditional as well as a contemporary bathroom, the Zure shaving cabinets make your bathroom look aesthetically pleasing while freeing up floor space to make room for toiletries, happy bathing sessions and dancing sprees in the shower (we are not judging).  

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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