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PEX Al Pex Gas 25mm x 50m SLIDE/CRIMP

As a specialist in PEX pipes and fittings, HDP can provide you with latest in PEX technology for the lowest possible price.

Key Benefits of PEX pipes over conventional pipe systems:

  • It is light weight, flexible and durable
  • Not adversely affected by freezing
  • Unlike copper there is no need for soldering or welding

When using the HDP PEX system, every plumber, builder, and home handyman can rest assured that they are using premium quality PEX pipes and all HDP water fittings are DR brass.

We supply several different colour codes of PEX pipes:

  • Black - use for either air, hot or cold-water lines
  • Red - to identify hot water lines
  • Green - use for rainwater
  • Yellow - use only for gas

The key benefit of our HDP water PEX pipes, can be used in conjunction with either of our HDP Slide PEX system or HDP Crimp PEX system.


  • Warranty: 25 Years
  • Body Material: Cross-linked polyethylene
  • PN Rating: PN20
  • AS/NZS 2537