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Only if there was something that brought in a feel-good calming lighting into your space and made you feel like the Serotonin-ninja that you are. The NEXU Square Trance LED Floor Light instantly transports you to a dreamy, trance-like vibe changing the whole appeal of your room lending it a warm visual experience. Use it to enliven a living room, make a stylish bar, retrofit a kitchen or an iconic game room. Creatively express yourself or your mood with this unique light crafted with Aluminium, sized at 50x50cm with a neat uber cool exterior making it a stylish and edgy addition to your space.

Not only can it impart a stunning effect for your photos but you can feel the vibe change as soon as the deep warm colours hit your room. That feeling stays with you long after you’ve walked out of it. With the Nexu Square Trance LED Floor light you’ll get more energy savings, longer lifetime, more control over colour and less heat. So next time you’re on a shopping spree to spruce up the room, might as well consider adding this to the cart?


Power : 12W
Voltage : 100-240V
Construction : Aluminium
Switch model : Touch / Remote Control
Light : RGB colorful
Product size 500x500m
Package size 550*550*100mm
Weight : 3.95kg

Package Contents:

1 x Host

1 x Power Adapter 

1 x Remote Control

1 x Instructions Manual