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NEXU Pill Trance Smart LED Floor Light

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Turn your house into a DANCE FLOOR



RGB+W Dream vision function: Light up your room however you want with RGB+W colour schemes as well as party style flash dream vision lighting for a lit night.

APP based Bluetooth Control & Remote Control function: App blue tooth control available in addition to wireless remote controller for settings control. App control allows additional theme settings, voice control and lighting timing schedule for you to be in complete control

Colour Scheme Settings: Over a hundred colour scheme settings with various styles of lighting display suitable to your every mood.

Sleek Contemporary Design: Designed to suit any living room, bedroom setting. Stands quietly in the corner until the lights go on...



Did you know that LED lighting in addition to providing a soft light source, also helps to relieve the fatigue caused by an intense professional/personal life? Enhance the layering of your space and add a refreshing pop of color with the Nexu Pill Trance Smart LED Floor Light with a support dimmer from Zure. Controlled by a remote or an application, it transforms hideout nooks in your bedroom, game room or around your TV. Now you don’t need to worry about hitting the foot of the bed in the middle of the night anymore because convenience is literally a few clicks away. Add an elegant glow when you are unwinding or add vigour to the bedside table as you snuggle in with a warm cuppa and a book. It’s also the ideal eye-catching addition to your parties, events and all other celebrations round the year.

It’s a premium work of artistic allure and flowing creativity that’ll suit any mood. A lit statement piece and a conversation started for sure, if you want to give your friends something cool and fun to talk about at your next house party, this bad boy might be it.



Power : 36W
Construction : Aluminum
Light source : RGB Light strip (5050 support )

Dimmer : Yes

Dimensions : 

Lamp : 1420x105mm (Base size : 200mm)
Remote control 

Application Control
Voltage : DC 12V 3A
Single Package Size : 1450x250x120mm
Single Weight : 2.5 kg
Light Mode : 180 modes

Package Contents:

1 x Host

1 x Power Adapter 

1 x Remote Control

1 x Instructions Manual