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Hyde Concealed Ceiling-mounted Sensor Urinal Flush Valve Kit

The Turner Hastings Hyde concealed sensor is intelligently designed to be installed above the ceiling, with no penetration required! Using microwaves, the beam passes through up to 9mm thick fibro. Benefits of this system include direct sensing which means it only detects users of the urinal. This ensures water savings, reduced water costs, and increased hygiene as the urinal flushes automatically after usage. It is also direct mains flushing and is situated in the ceiling and unseen, which ensures no vandalism or rubbish put into cisterns and reduces maintenance. The sensor intelligently senses across the front of the urinal, and not all directional into the room, as not to sense passers-by. This system is fully WELS and Watermark approved to Australian standards.

Single Solenoid Valve 1.8 metres of wall (typically 1-2 urinals) – Flushes all simultaneously

Double Solenoid Valve 3.6 metres of wall (typically 3-4 urinals) – Flushes all simultaneously

Single Directional Horn Single urinal – the horn component ensures very accurate directional sensing,allowing one urinal to be flushed at a time. Best for water saving. 

5 year warranty


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