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ENOX99 Wall Hung Toilet Floor Pan Matt Black with Wall Hung Cistern Package


Mercio Matt Black rimless toilet features a patented VORTEX flushing technology that enables good transportation of wastes with minimum water consumption. It also replaced 100% trapped water per cycle so as to prevent the growth of bacteria. Not only with Hygiene Plus technology on its glazed surface, our R&D engineer has designed it without a flush rim; therefore no hidden and hard to reach places that is prompt to the growth of bacteria and also bad odor. Coupled with all these new technologies, MERCIO is always the first choice when it comes to selecting a hygiene toilet for your home.

  • Specifications:
    Matt Black
    Model: ENWFP-MB
    Description: Matt Black Floor Pan
    Dimension: 600 x 350 x 400mm
  • Features:
    Highest Quality Vitreous China
    Rimless XL Flushing Technology
    Easy to clean surface
    Easy-release heavy-duty Duraplas seat
    Optional: Geberit In-Wall Cistern or R&T In-Wall Cistern
  • Installation:
    P-Trap: 180mm Roughing-in
    S-Trap: 100-145mm Roughing-in
  • Water Consumption:
    WELS 4 Star
    4.5L/Full, 3L/Half

    Optional: Wall Hung GEBERIT Sigma 8 Cistern

    With a rich history of innovative thinking, Geberit has grown to be a market leader throughout the world. Incorporating Swiss know-how and luxury into its advanced range of hidden cisterns and buttons, Geberit enables clean, sophisticated bathroom designs with the highest levels of sustainability. Geberit Australia has been operating since 2002, specialising in inwall installation systems for the architectural and construction industry. Products include inwall cistern and flush/actuator plates.

    • Suitable for S or P trap back to wall pans.
    • Options of mechanical, pneumatic or electronic buttons give greater design freedom.
    • Compatible with all mechanical and pneumatic Sigma buttons available in Australia.
    • Fits standard 90mm walls.
    • WELS 4 Star 4.5L/3L.
    • Made in Germany.

      Optional: GEBERIT Sigma access plate 

      Geberit Sigma20 / 246*164*12mm

      • Sigma20 flush plates bring a bit of whimsy to your bathroom with their simple, geometric look.
      • A straightforward visual metaphor – small button for liquids, large button for solids – makes them easy to use, even if you’ve never seen a flush plate before.

      Sigma30 – Elegant lines / 246*164*12mm

      • Fashionable yet affordable
      • Large rectangular buttons for easy flushing