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Coburg Smart Bidet

Highlights of Coburg Smart bidet (Model 1807)

High quality smart bidet seat - high efficiency instant heating system

  • Premium quality
  • German engineered
  • Patented Technology

Coburg utilises leading manufacturing concepts and specialised technology, integrating fashion trends, aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, and new materials, to create smart toilets for a healthy, comfortable, presentable and elegant toilet experience.

Oxygen Cleaning Technology

Coburg's in-house oxygen cleaning technology uses electrolysis to directly inject oxygen into water, effectively destroying the protoplasm of microorganisms. Excess oxygen atoms will be recombined into oxygen molecules so there is no toxic residue, making this a non-polluting disinfectant method, providing a comfortable and clean experience.

Ultra-Clean Soft Water Filter

Our smart toilets contain a water softening system that utilises ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water, producing decontaminated soft water that is less irritable to the skin. Enjoy soft water wherever you might live.

Ultra-Clean Seat Rim

Coburg seats are equipped with antibacterial features that greatly reduces bacterial growth. The seat is made of PP resin, which automatically kills germs, and contains antibacterial nano silver ions. The high-gloss material also gets rid of bacterial breeding grounds.

Instant Water Heater

Our smart seats are directly connected to the water system, and therefore do not have to store water. The water is heated instantly when in use, saving energy as there is no repeated heating. Furthermore, the cistern-free design means there is nowhere for bacteria to grow, so the water is always clean.

Detoxifying Bidet

A column of water gently washes, lubricates, and moistens, creating a light laxative effect to help reduce strenuous effort. Also, it has a 99% antibacterial effect, providing extra care for extra health.

Remote Features

  • Stop/Auto(On)
  • Children Setting
  • Female Pressure
  • Rear Pressure
  • Water Temperature Adjustment: Off, 0-5 shift
  • Oscillate/Clean
  • Nozzle Position: 3 positions
  • Warm Air Drying: Off, 1 to 3 temperature adjustment (approx. 32-48°C) with thermal fuse, overheat cut-off
  • Seat Heating: Off, 0 to 3 temperature adjustment (approx. 31-41°C) with thermal fuse, overheat cut-off
  • Deodoriser: Diatomic alcohol deodorising function
  • Night Light

Care Instructions:

Please read all care and installation instructions before use. Access to a power point is needed as it needs to be plugged in. The Coburg Electronic Bidet System must be installed by a licensed plumber.

Country of Origin: CHINA

Warranty and Additional Info:

1 Year Warranty (1-year replacement).

What's in the box?

  • Coburg Electronic Bidet System - Prestige CBD-1807
  • Remote Control
  • Coburg Ionic Water Filter IF-100
  • Connection Kit
  • Product Manual/Warranty Card


  • Dimensions: 396mm x 525mm x 157mm
  • Inner circumference: 300mm
  • Weight: approx. 4.5kg
  • Electrical Cord length: approx. 1.6m
  • Water pressure: 0.08-0.75 MPa
  • Flush volume: approx. 0.5-0.9 L/min
  • Heating method: Instant

Download our handy print out to check if this product is suitable for your toilet!