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Zure was conceptualized in early 2019 when founders Edward and Kerry saw an opportunity to bring real value to the Australian marketplace by delivering next-generation products at a price only possible by having a direct line with the manufacturer.

For us, there is no compromise acceptable when it comes to providing an exceptional experience to our customers. Our belief is that every Australian can truly have beautiful bathroom, kitchen and laundry without having to pay a steep price for it.

We hold ourselves to that commitment, ensuring that we give back to the local communities that support us by accepting nothing but the best value for those that purchase from us.


With the marketplace for bathware and kitchenware being so saturated in Australia, it is often very difficult to understand and differentiate between those that simply advertise value and quality and those that actually deliver on those promises. We want our customers to be educated on what truly works for their bathrooms and kitchens and where to put their money to ensure they are getting the most out of what they budget.

You’ll find that we stand out amongst the many by:

Our Products
Our products are conceptualized and created with the vision of a homely yet modern Australian bathroom and kitchen in mind. Every piece is designed with the intention of elevating the emotional ambience of the room whilst balancing everyday practicality and everlasting durability.

Our Unbeatable Prices
Take one look at our range and you’ll see that the standard of quality and design is a notch above anything else in that price range in the marketplace. The reason we are able to deliver on that combination is because our manufacturers have direct involvement in our business and thus aligned goals and commitment towards the value we can provide to our customers.

Free Delivery & Same Day Dispatch
Zure offers free delivery across all our range excluding bulky items. We do not require a certain purchase value limit and believe that every purchase no matter how small or large deserves the positive experience of free delivery.

Our Uncompromising Approach to Great Service
Our commitment is that you will leave all interactions with us with a smile. Whatever is under our control, we will strive to make happen for our customers. We will respond to your enquiries with clarity and detail, just contact us via our many channels and we’ll get back to you often within the hour. 

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