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100% of January Profits from All Sales to be donated to NSW Rural Fire Service

As we have all witnessed over the past months, Australia is currently burning in the worst bushfire that has ever gripped this country. Half a billion animals have perished and just under 1,900 homes have been destroyed, their families left devastated in this marathon crisis.

So many of our beloved customers that purchase our products are based rurally, and it pains us to imagine just how much they may have been affected by this catastrophic event.
We have seen Australia band together in some of the most amazing displays of camaraderie and love. This has inspired us at Zure to do our part for the country that has given us our opportunities.

We’re not a massive company, and so to make a genuinely impactful difference we want to give in whatever ways we can afford. This is why for the entire Month of January 2020 we are donating 100% of all Profits towards NSW Rural Fire Service.

If you are thinking of swapping out an old tap or maybe something more for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry in 2020, please browse our range of products. All profits from every single product sold in the month of January will go towards this cause.