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by Pei Wen Tan December 01, 2020 5 min read

What to consider when you choose your pool fencing in Sydney

With summer coming up, it’s time to consider whether your pool fencing in Sydney is up to date and durable for the long days ahead. Pool fencing in Sydney is incredibly important, as it helps keep you and your family safe.

Make sure that you’re compliant with the fencing regulations of your state, and that you invest in pool fencing that is durable and will last you for years to come. There are many important considerations to make when choosing your pool fencing in Sydney.

Whether you are building and installing a new pool altogether, or if your current pool fencing is not up to scratch, there are multiple reasons why you might choose to upgrade your pool fencing in Sydney.

From budget, materials, and style, there are many factors to think about. It can get quite complicated making your decision, from choosing what type of pool fencing you want to how you are going to get it installed.

It’s a good idea to get a head start and start looking for contractors that can help you to install your pool fencing. During the summer it is notoriously hard to get a hold of extra help due to high demand, as everyone wants their backyard to be ready for the warmer months.

No matter what kind of pool fencing in Sydney you are looking for, there is a need to carefully consider your products before you purchase them. Not only is pool fencing expected to last for years – meaning that you don’t want to make the wrong installation or you’ll face costly consequences – but it is also meant to provide safety for you and your family. With that in mind, you should definitely take the time to choose the pool fencing for your backyard.


Home renovation is a costly project, and you’ll need to set aside some funds to be able to afford redoing or installing pool fencing. Make sure that you have a good budget so that you don’t end up skimping on quality when choosing your pool fencing in Sydney.

Cost varies depending on the type of pool fencing you opt for. If you are opting for aluminium or steel, it will likely cost from 85 to 160 dollars for a 1.2m x 2.4m panel. If you want glass, the costs could vary from 90 dollars and over for a 1.2m x 1.2m panel.

These costs don’t include installation, and you’ll be needing other components as well. A post or spigot for a glass pool fence panel could cost $100 – and you'll need two to prop up each panel.

The amount of panels you’ll need is dependent on the size of your aquatic area. It’s a good idea to measure the length of your swimming area before searching for pool fencing in Sydney.

Safety regulations

Safety regulations are paramount when choosing your pool fencing, and it’s for a good reason. Every year, drowning incidents occur in backyards around Australia and many of these can be prevented if sufficient and safe pool fencing is in place.

It is important specifically if you have kids or visitors with kids that you invest in a durable and safe barricade around your swimming area. This will prevent children from finding their way easily into the water.

It is law in every Australian state and territory that your swimming areas must be correctly barricaded, and this is inspected and registered in order to ensure that residents are complaint. They must adhere to the Australian Standard (AS1926.1).

Pool fencing which meets this standard will not have gaps that are wide enough for a toddler to squeeze through. It must also be strong and rigid enough that a gap cannot be forced in the bars or mesh by a child.

It should not have any climbing footholds, and must have materials and wields strong enough to withstand a heavy knock. Additionally, it must be at least 1.2 metres high, with no more than 100mm of ground clearance.

As long as your pool fencing in Sydney meets these regulations, you should be fine. If it doesn’t however, you should definitely upgrade in order to make sure you don’t cop a fine and prevent any bad accidents from happening.

Styles of fences

There are many styles of pool fencing in Sydney available to choose from. It’s your own personal decision to make, as long as it meets the safety standards required. You might consider your budget when making this decision.

You might decide to go with aluminium and steel pool fencing, which are typically made of upper and lower rails joined by tubular upright bars. Loop-top fences have tubular pipe bent through the upper rail to form a ‘loop’ at the top, with each section of pipe forming two vertical bars instead of one.

If you want to incorporate decorative metalwork, you might opt for a double-top fence, which has two upper horizontal rails.

You might also want a wire-based fence, which uses thick vertical wires rather than tubular rods. This option is likely to be more expensive than flat and loop-top fences, but you should consider them as well.

One extremely popular option is glass, especially due to its aesthetic appearance. With glass you can skip the look of bars and install pool fencing that is seamless and looks like it’s not even there, therefore not obstructing your view.

Glass panels are installed with posts and spigots which are drilled or bolted onto the ground. There are many options to choose from, such as framed, frameless, and semi-frameless. Not only is glass aesthetic, it is made of solid sheets so there is no chance a child can squeeze through or climb the panels. However, it can be significantly more expensive than metal fencing particularly as you must also purchase posts and spigots in order to install the panels.

DIY or professional installation

Should you install your pool fencing yourself or opt for a professional? While it is an option for you to do it yourself, you’ll need to have a good grasp of the regulations for pool fencing in Sydney so that you get the distances between the fence, house, and pool correct.

Not to mention that you need to leave the right size of gaps at the bottom of the fence, and ensure that the gate is balanced in order for it to self-close and self-latch with ease.

With that in mind, it might be better for you to seek help from a professional who is well-accustomed to installing pool fencing in Sydney in line with the regulations. However, if you are handy with tools and confident you can do a good job, it’s definitely a cost-saver to do it yourself.

Pei Wen Tan
Pei Wen Tan

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