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by Zure Australia July 14, 2020 1 min read

It is important to properly store and use your bar soaps, especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Proper hygienic practices will assist in minimising your risks to exposure. 

First of all, using bar soaps as opposed to liquid soaps will have less of an environmental impact. Bar soaps are typically more environmentally friendly as  compared to liquid soaps which need to be packed in plastic containers. 

When using a bar soap, it is essential to store it correctly. Using a soap dish is a highly recommended method as they are specially made to handle the elements and environment of your bathroom. An ideal soap dish will have slats or openings that allow for excess water to drain to prevent your bar of soap from turning into a pile of mush and stilling in old soapy water.

Soap dishes need to be placed away from any potential water sprays as they need to properly dry in between uses which will also prolong its lifetime usage. If you are using washcloths or loofahs, make sure that they are also properly dried and occasionally washed as well. Or even better, use a new and dry cloth every time.

Consider the swap to bar soap and stay safe during these troubling times! In the mean time, have a look at our full collection of Soap Dishes and Bathroom Accessories available on Zure now.

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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