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by Pei Wen Tan December 08, 2020 4 min read

Bathroom renovations require a lot of work and decisions. From choosing the type of tiles you want, installing your vanity, to choosing your shower screens in Sydney – it can be hard to make up your mind. Before you select any products for your bathroom, however, it is important that you consider whether it is the right fit.

The space you have, the budget you’re on and the style of bathroom you want all impact your purchasing decisions. You don’t want to blow all your money on a beautiful vanity and have to settle for a less than perfect bathtub. 

It’s important that you consider how your bathroom will look as a whole and to make sure that the fixtures and fittings will fit together comfortably, leaving enough space to move around in. Shower screens are a big part of your bathroom as they are quite large and make up a substantial part of your space aesthetically.

Choosing your shower screens in Sydney can be tough – nowadays there are so many options, from frosted to clear glass. There are a few things you should consider before settling on a product. Keep reading for more information on what to consider when installing your shower screens in Sydney!


As mentioned above, you don’t want to blow your budget on a shower screen and compromise on quality for other items in your bathroom. Before making any purchase decisions, consider setting a budget for each item you purchase.

Research into how much items usually cost, and shop around to see if you can get any deals on them. Sales are a great time to buy an item because you can great quality products at an affordable price.

Look at all your options and also consider purchasing your shower screens in Sydney online, as there are often deals available online that you won’t find in-store. Be smart about your budget, don’t set a price that is too low and end up with a low-quality item or too high, leaving you with not enough money to create the bathroom you want.


When choosing your shower screens in Sydney, you should definitely consider the style of bathroom you want. The style you want to imitate has a big impact on the items you purchase, as they work together to form a cohesive aesthetic. 

You might consider setting up a mood board on Pinterest or physically, or just choose to bookmark certain items which align with the style you want. Whether it’s minimalist, rustic, or modern, the style you like will impact your decision of shower screens in Sydney.  

If you’re looking for a more vintage look, you might choose frosted or tinted glass. A minimalist design can be achieved by opting for clear glass. You might also choose a rounded, frameless screen to add a unique look to your bathroom and differentiate your space from the typical rectangular shower screens in Sydney.


How space do you have in your bathroom? Depending on the amount of space you want to save, you might consider installing different kinds of shower screens in Sydney. If you are short of space, a sliding and stacking door might be your best bet, as it moves parallel and doesn’t require any extra space. A hinge and pivot door, however, requires empty space to accommodate for opening and closing.

If you have a small space, you might also want to look at shower screens in Sydney which are made of clear glass. This will open up your bathroom and give the illusion of a larger space. Otherwise, you might choose frosted or tinted glass.

You might also opt for frameless shower screens in Sydney which can easily fit into compact spaces and does not have unnecessary compartments. 

Maintenance and durability 

The maintenance and durability of shower screens in Sydney is an important consideration. If you are someone who hates high maintenance fixtures or fittings, you might consider a clear shower screen, as it is easier to maintain than tinted or frosted options. Frosted shower screens in Sydney are more likely to show soap scum.

You might also opt for frameless, as framed or semi-framed shower screens in Sydney may have tiny areas or fixtures that could be harder to clean. Applying a protective coating over your shower screen isn’t a necessity but could help with the maintenance of it.

Low volume drainage, improper tiling, or a faulty shower design may result in shower leakage. This can cause damage in the long term as consistent exposure to moisture might cause structural discolouration, mould, and rot.

Choosing shower screens in Sydney with an overlapping door and a seal on the opening edge of the door will create a barrier which prevent water spillage. This can help to reduce water leakage between the door and the closing panel or jamb. 

It’s important to consider the maintenance and durability of the items you buy when shopping for shower screens in Sydney.

Quality of glass 

An important consideration to make when choosing your shower screens in Sydney is the type of glass you choose. It’s essential that you choose high-quality glass which meets Australian safety standards. 

This is where it’s important that you don’t skimp on quality for price. You don’t want any accidents to happen especially if you have kids. Replacing the glass in the case of an incident is also costly and overall a headache for you. 

Make sure you are purchasing products which are made of toughened safety glass that meets the AS2208 standards of safety. This kind of glass will not crack or break even when there is considerable force applied. 

By choosing a good quality of glass when shopping for your shower screens in Sydney, you will be able to avoid any scary accidents and rest assured that your bathroom is safe from glass breakage. It can be hard to choose from the multitude of options of shower screens in Sydney, but running through these considerations may assist you in finding the perfect shower screen for you.

Pei Wen Tan
Pei Wen Tan

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