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by Pei Wen Tan March 02, 2021 4 min read

What to consider when choosing your bathroom vanities  

Bathroom vanities can often set the tone for the whole space. Many people choose to have them as the centrepiece of the room, because of the ability to play around with style and colour as compared to showers and baths. 

There are many components to your bathroom vanities and thus, many decisions you’ll have to make before you settle on the one that’s right for you. With so many options made available to you today through online and in-store avenues, it can be hard to choose what you want. 

A good way to start is to consider what kind of style you want your space to have. Once you’ve established that and a general colour scheme, you’ll be able to narrow down what kind of bathroom vanities you want.  

Take the time to mull over what you want. Bathroom vanities are costly, so if you choose something you’re not really happy with, it’ll be an expensive mistake! Remember that this is something you’ll be seeing multiple times a day, and you likely won’t be replacing it – or at least, not for years.  

With that in mind, you should ensure that you are satisfied with the bathroom vanities you choose. Having a home that you truly enjoy every aspect of can make a difference in your mood from day to day and makes living in your house more enjoyable. 

To choose the perfect bathroom vanities for you, there are a few things you should consider. 


What kind of configuration do you want for your bathroom vanities? Do you want a washstand? A mirrored cabinet? Would you like it to be wall hung or floor standing? These are all questions you should ask yourself when shopping for your product.  

You could choose to have a simple mirror with a wall hung or floor standing cabinet below. Or why not add more storage to your space with a mirrored cabinet? This option also comes in handy if you’re considering getting a washstand, as you won’t miss out on storage space. 

If you want even more storage, you can also consider getting a wall hung side cabinet. These are normally long and thin, and can look very stylish even if you are going for a more minimalistic look.  

Would you prefer to have drawers or doors on your cabinet? You can also choose a combination of the two. A good way to decide what you want is to consider how you currently use your bathroom vanities and if there is a configuration that would suit you better, or if you should just stick with what you’re used to! 

Basins are also a key consideration when choosing your bathroom vanities. Do you want one with an in-built sink or do you like the look of an above counter basin? Once you’ve decided on the configuration of your bathroom vanities, you’ll know what to look for when shopping. 

Colour scheme 

Picking a colour scheme for your overall space will help inform you on the types of bathroom vanities you want. You could choose to go with something bold and colourful, but most people choose to stick with a muted or greyscale colour palette for their bathroom. 

It all depends on what you want for your space. You can also consider the overall colour scheme of your house and how well the colour scheme you pick will match with the rest of your home.  

Once you’ve chosen the colour scheme you want, you’ll be more equipped to choose the type of bathroom vanities you want. Whether it’s the traditional white, a matte black, or if you want to go with a brown wood-tone, the decision is up to you. If you want a more eclectic space, you could also go with something bright that adds a pop of colour.   


What kind of style do you want for your bathroom vanities? A good way to figure this out is to browse design sites or picture galleries such as Pinterest for inspiration of what you want your space to look like. 

You may want a minimalistic style or a vintage look. Or maybe you want a more rustic aesthetic. Whatever you choose, your bathroom vanities are a large contributor to achieving the kind of style you want.  

If you’re looking for something more vintage, opting for a washstand and copper fittings can help achieve that old-timey style. Or maybe you want something mid-century modern, in which case you can choose something with earthy tones. 

Most commonly, people tend to opt for a minimalistic style as it matches with the typically white and glass fixtures and fittings such as bathtubs and shower screens. If this is what you’re interested in, you might want to choose white bathroom vanities with subtle statement pieces. 

If you’re edging for something more modern, you could spruce it up with matte black bathroom vanities. Opting for a grayscale theme will make your space easy to style.  

The handles of your bathroom vanities also affect the look of your space. Whether you want door knobs for a more classic look or you prefer minimal soft edge finger pull drawers or doors, or sleek metal knobs or handles, these are all decisions that will help you achieve the aesthetic you want. 


There are many different materials to choose from when deciding on your bathroom vanities. However, the material often determines what your colour choices are. If you want earthy tones and something with wood grain, you have the option of plywood or wood such as oak. 

Some materials like timber have a polyurethane finish and thus are available in different colours aside from a wood finish. If you opt for wood, high moisture plywood is generally easier to maintain and less prone to damage. 

If wood isn’t for you, you could opt for a polyurethane PVC material, which is what most white bathroom vanities are made of. This material is also available in a variety of colours and finishes, like gloss or matte. 

Counter tops are generally made of ceramic, but if you want something different, marble is also an option. The materials you choose go hand in hand with the style and colour scheme you want your bathroom vanities to have.  

Taking time to consider these things when choosing your bathroom vanities will ensure that you make the right decision for your home. 

Pei Wen Tan
Pei Wen Tan

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