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by Zure Australia February 14, 2020 1 min read

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching later this year, our MPP feature for the month is the Taqua built-in water filtration tap made in Japan! 

Taqua built-in water filter tap

The Taqua water filter tap features an innovative five-layer filter that sits directly inside the tap as opposed to traditional water filter taps that require space under the sink. Changing the filtration cartridge can be  done without the need for tools in just 10 seconds and an automatic delivery service is available for replacement cartridges via Taqua’s website.

taqua built in water filtration tap diagram

Another feature of the Taqua built-in filtration tap is it's extendable hose feature which allows for both a shower and standard flow.

  • Simple one push button to swap from tap water to filtered water
  • Promotes eco-friendly drinking habits
  • Helps save time and money – no need to wait for water to filter or purchase bottled water

taqua built in water filtration tap extendable hose

The Taqua built-in water filtration tap is available now on Zure and on display at our showroom which you can make a booking to visit on our Facebook page!.

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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