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by Zure Australia August 04, 2020 2 min read

Looking to modernise your bathroom? Countertop basins, or alternately, above counter basins are an excellent choice to give your bathroom that modern touch. If you're not too familiar with the terminology, a countertop basin / above counter basin is a freestanding basin sink that sits on top of your stone bench which looks similar to a large bowl. Countertop basins or above counter basins are available in a large variety of materials, colours, and sizes so it can get quite tricky to choose just one when there are so many options available!

SASSO Countertop basin

Since countertop basins / above counter basins are sitting directly on top of the vanity surface, standard short basin mixers will not be able to be used. Instead, opt for either a tall basin mixer or wall mounted mixer. Tall basin mixers can even be offset to the sides as well as behind the basin to provide additional flexibility in the design.

ZEN Stainless steel countertop basin

Some tips for installing your new countertop basin / above counter basin would be to keep 50mm at the minimum to ensure that there is adequate space to clean behind the basin and to position your mixers so that the flow of water lands either behind or directly on top of your waste (depending on what type of waste you are using)

Installing countertop basins / above counter basins also only require a single hole for the waste and can be secured in place by the plug and waste along with some silicone along the edges.

Expression Wall hung vanity with Sasso countertop basin

Now that you're been exposed to the world of countertop basins / above counter basins, shop online on Zure to see our full range of designer and quality bathroom sinks!

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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