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by Zure Australia June 16, 2020 3 min read

Sick of the standard chrome stainless steel sink? Looking for something more durable and aesthetically pleasing? Composite Granite Sinks are an excellent alternative! Composite Granite Sinks are consisted of 80% granite or quartz with the remaining 20% resin. This allows for the sink to become not as porous as 100% granite which also improves its durability and lifespan while still maintaining its natural look.

Although, this does mean that Composite Granite Sinks will also be pricier than your standard stainless steel kitchen sink, but this can be considered an investment as it is a higher quality sink. Its sturdy composition allows it to withstand high levels of heat from a variety of sources such as cookware. Composite Granite Sinks are also only available in Matte finishes due to its make up which can sometimes be seen as a limitation of the product.

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To help you decide if a Composite Granite Sink is for you, we are going to over the pros and cons! 



Due to its material composition, Composite Granite Sinks are highly resistant to heat, scratches, chipping, stains, water spots, and acidic liquids. Its heat resistance means that the colour won't fade or start to discolour when subjected to extreme heat conditions, ensuring that these Composite Granite Kitchen Sink will be able to withstand even the roughest daily usage with ease.


Compared to natural Granite Sinks, Composite Granite Sinks aren't as expensive while still offering the same aesthetic and durability of natural Granite Sinks. This is due to its 80/20 mixture of Granite and Resin as mentioned earlier. The surface of Composite Granite Sinks have a more uniform grain compared to natural Granite Sinks which feature its natural variations throughout. This means that Composite Granite Sinks will have a more consistent colour and patterning.


Cleaning up your Composite Granite Sink is very simple. They don't leave water marks so cleaning up simply requires a brush or sponge with some light detergent. Be mindful to avoid any harsh cleaning chemicals though! If tougher stains are persistent, using either natural vinegar or a speciality stone cleaners can be used instead. The smooth surface and manufacturing process of Composite Granite Sinks also gives it anti-bacterial properties to help germs away and keep your kitchen sink clean!


Composite Granite Sinks are available in a range of colours and sizes. Unlike classic stainless steel sinks, which are only available in a standard Chrome finish. This allows for more variety when picking out the perfect sink for your kitchen. 

Various installation options are also available for Composite Granite Sinks as well as different bowl sizes and drainboard options.


The natural sound reduction capabilities are retained in Composite Granite Sinks even though they are manufactured in a man made process. This means that there will be a very noticeable difference in sound output when compared with stainless steel kitchen sinks.




Whilst being cheaper than natural granite sinks, Composite Granite Sinks are still more expensive than other options available in the market such as Stainless Steel, Ceramic, and Porcelain. There are also additional costs associated with its heavy composition such as potentially requiring extra support and higher labour fees.


Although durability is mainly a pro of a Composite Granite Sink, there is a hidden con to it. Any accidents with your delicate dishware is not as forgiving as compared to a stainless steel sink as they will almost certainly come out in pieces in the case of any accidental drops. Something to consider if you are frequently having little accidents.


Composite Granite Sinks do not have the same natural authentic patterning of natural granite sinks if you were looking for more natural finish. Instead they are more uniform and provide a consistency in pattern and colour.

Darker colours will show any scratches that do manage to form much easier whereas but are lower maintenance. Lighter colours are recommended for high use areas due to this but will require regular but simple maintenance as they main stain if not maintained properly. 

Also, Composite Granite Sinks are only available in matte finishes as mentioned previously due to its material compound and manufacturing process.

So there you are, weigh out the pros and cons for yourself and decide if a Composite Granite Sink is right for you. Check out our range of Composite Granite Sinks or our entire Kitchen Sinks collection!

Zure Australia
Zure Australia

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